Who’s Who (Pirate Campaign)

  1. The Pirates of the Forzarrean Sea: The players in the pirate campaign that is set in roughly the same time as the Maelonbourg Campaign, but in the southern portion of the continent of Partum. Atticus, an Illyrian thief and a carpenter who has worked his way to becoming the Third Mate on the pirate crew. Ensu, a gnomish nautical architect and shipwright from Kugahloo that took up as a fighter with the pirates. Uther, a gnome illusionist who dresses like the prototype of Elton John and was largely unaware of having joined a pirate crew and thought they were just really adventurous sailors. There is also a bard that calls himself Um that has no tongue, a priest named Tazmijir who serves an Illyrian sea god, a half-elf named Amira and a half-orc named Arkin who join the game from time to time to make wild attacks on friend and foe alike.
  2. Captain Devo Zucco: The commander and owner of the Queen Myrtle, a caravel that is filled with pirates and intriguing secrets. Following the true nature of his peers, Captain Zucco might be in charge, but he allows his crew to vote on their decisions whenever feasible. Has a wife who lives on an island in an unknown location where he keeps the lion’s share of his loot, and two daughters that serve on his crew.
  3. Tareg: Orog (half orc, half ogre) that serves as one of Captain Divo’s heavy hitting goons.
  4. Bula: Orcish woman that joined the pirate crew at the same time as Bula, seems to know her way around a ship and isn’t afraid to jump into a fight.
  5. Gerardo the Dark: Forkanzan mercenary that joined the Captain Zucco’s band of pirates. Is quite prone to violence and always eager for a fight.
  6. Father Oracle: A shadow elven priest who serves in the Church of Gargano in the city of Manfredonia. A quietly scheming sort of man who quite enjoys keeping an eye on those scoundrels in the Holy Imperium Church on the opposite side of the city square.
  7. Nestore Vizzini: Manfredonian shipbuilder who will repair any vessel with few questions asked if the price is good enough.
  8. Kellkwog the Lizardman: The First Mate of the Queen Myrtle and a loyal strongman for Captain Zucco.
  9. Caronte: A dark, swarthy man whose very appearance suggests he is a pirate. The Second Mate of the Queen Myrtle and a fearsome man in a fight.
  10. Tonya: Captain Zucco’s wife. Rarely encountered by the world at large, she lives on an isolated rocky little island where the pirates stash their treasure hoards.
  11. Regine: The eldest of Captain Zucco’s two daughters, Regine is the ship’s navigator. It isn’t uncommon for her to keep the ship’s movements cloaked in secrecy as her father would rather that nobody know where he is headed and why.
  12. Emilene: The youngest of Captain Zucco’s two daughters, Emilene is an expert at heavy weaponry. Her preferred method of attack is using a ballista to toss Greek fire grenades at enemy vessels.
  13. Captain Brass Sabre: A rival pirate who views Captain Zucco as his archenemy. Is repeatedly outsmarted and outmaneuvered by the older and much wiser Zucco which in turn serves to fuel Sabre’s hatred.
  14. Martino de San Marco: Forkanzan cartographer who is fond of being inebriated but like any artist can produce amazing works of art when left alone.
  15. Korko the Sahuagin: A fish-man who sleeps in a canvas bathtub and serves Captain Zucco as a debt of thanks for freeing him from the bondage of the Dread Admiral.
  16. The Dread Admiral: One of the liches of the Diosian Lodge and the ruler of Bregsikilia. Controls a vast navy manned by undead, monsters, and undead monsters. Serves as the grand commander of all warships flying the banner of the Fourth Imperium.
  17. The Witch Queen: One of the liches of the Diosian Lodge and the ruler of Dalmatia. Has an axe to grind with almost everyone else in her pursuit of forbidden knowledge and ancient evils.
  18. Tyrant King Ozymandias: A mysterious and formidable ruler in the northern part of the continent of Arcanum. Doesn’t possess a navy but enjoys a lucrative trade with merchants from Partum. Visitors should be aware not to bring metallic items ashore or mention that they are pirates unless being chased down by Templars looking to flay you for fun seems like your idea of a good time.
  19. Captain Natasia Krvopija: The commander of the cursed ship Nocni Andeo which sails under the ostensible control of the Diosian Lodge lich known as the Iron Count. The Nocni Andeo only ever appears at night, so this is clearly a matter of concern for sailors who started out as superstitious and then encountered this little slice of hell.
  20. Don Durk of Dowdee: Flamboyant pirate who leads a spirited group of musically inclined ne’er-do-wells aboard the well-equipped caravel the Silver Hydra. Is on good terms with Captain Zucco and will gleefully run from any encounter with anyone else who seems to be hostile.
  21. Xenatos: The ruler of Drepane (known as a benevolent tyrant) and a stalwart opponent of being bossed around by larger more formidable powers like the Fourth Imperium.
  22. Ignatius the Noble: The High Priest of Drepane and a staunch ally of seafarers friendly to Xenatos.
  23. Christiana Prisca: The Grand Sorceress of the Golden Sickle, the Guild of Magicks in Drepane.
  24. The Lady of the Pool: While going by many names and titles, Jennifer (or Jenny from the bog) is a mysterious entity by any measure. Not a lot is known about her, but she is difficult to get access to and something powerful enough to have earned the servitude of the priesthood of Drepane.