Like most places, Slothjemia loves a circus. Travelling bands of entertainers featuring wild animals, acrobats, clowns, and curiosities have always been popular. But something about Slothjemia seems to make for the greatest shows to ever travel from one town to another. The most magnificent of these is the Deadling Brothers, Bedlam and Breakage Circus, a fantastic … Continue reading Circus!

Dangerous Curves

Students of weapon design, specifically of knife and sword blades, have long had a fascination for jorish artistry in this visual and physical medium. Unlike most orcish and other goblinoid designs, there is an almost elven beauty in the curves of these exquisite steel creations, albeit exaggerated far beyond what the fairer folk would find … Continue reading Dangerous Curves

Holidays & Orcs

As with most societies, holidays are terribly important to Slothjemians. These are special times for the people, when the nobility must not require their tenants to labor, and only a handful of professions continue their work. Soldiers still war and conduct patrols, and the constabulary still keep the peace, but most everyone else is occupied … Continue reading Holidays & Orcs

Pens Mightier Than Swords; The Other Two Generals

The role of Quartermaster General is an old and well-established tradition in Slothjemia. Usually given to a general or other high-ranking officer as they approach their retirement years, this title is bestowed upon a soldier well-known for their ability to keep the everyday things in life running smoothly. They must be sticklers for detail in … Continue reading Pens Mightier Than Swords; The Other Two Generals