Who’s Who (Maelonbourg Campaign)

  1. The Troublemakers: The players in the current D&D game for which much of this blog is dedicated and devoted to. They earned this title by bringing more problems to any given situation than they do solutions. However, they are gloriously undeterred by this track record and continually find new and inventive ways to get themselves into mind-boggling dilemmas. The original cast was Xan the ranger, Joss the thief, John Smith the warrior/thief/mage, Tre Pee the warrior/thief, Red the warrior, Selena the druid, and Nessa the bard. Along the way some folks have dropped out and other joined, such as Raine the cleric, Strohan the paladin, Renna the warrior, and Lux the druid, as well as a few other “I was there for one game and got lost in the damned plot before we even freekin started” players. Now the group consists of Xan the ranger (the only original cast member), Seraphina the thief, Tubby the paladin, Orben the illusionist, Baird the bard, Neesee the necromancer, Butch the ranger, Esma the druid, and Zach the cleric. Sometimes we have special guest appearances by our beloved friends and family but for the most part it is these nine that cause the shenanigans. They are glorious, although their most notable attribute is that they don’t ask a lot of questions and as a result collect an astonishing array of loose threads.
  2. Sebastien Garon: A mage that lived and worked in the town of Jivet-au-Marruse. Was originally the caretaker of a mysterious tapestry that was stolen by dark elves, an event that kicked into motion the chaos that we now refer to as “the Saga of the Troublemakers.” Jivet-au-Marruse was subsequently destroyed by Untote Druuna a year or so later and Sebastien was killed during her attack along with roughly two-thirds of the population of the town.
  3. Brohka: An ancient orcish shaman that provided as much guidance as he could to the Troublemakers. For much of his life he tended to the forest of Forêt Verte under the rule of Druuna until she was transformed into a dracolich. Age finally caught up to him though, and he was transformed into a great tree in the heart of Oublier. One of the few people to be involved with the Troublemakers that didn’t meet a violent and gruesome death.
  4. Belkin Mas’Grawr: A dark elven fighter/mage that took to life in the surface world and became a valued member of the Troublemaker’s entourage. Currently serves as the Duke of Limbourg under the governance of the Archduke of Renatus. Keeps recommending people of questionable moral value to serve in high places and these recommendations keep getting approved because Belkin is an old friend.
  5. Toulagog the Terrible: Once the chief warlord of the orcs of Oublier, Toulagog was killed in the assault on Bozageest when the allied forces of Maelonbourg, Slothjemia, and Weintäler conquered the orcs and put an end to their reign.
  6. Kazka the Indomitable: The head witchdoctor of the orcs of Oublier. Masterminded a good many evil deeds but was finally beheaded by Xan the ranger in the aftermath of the Bozageest assault. Gus turned Kazka’s skull into a goblet for use by the Archduke whenever he visits the Howler House.
  7. Devious Maximus: A cambion that governs as the Marquis of Chute de l’Ombre. Cranking weird up to eleven, Devious is a steadfast ally of the Troublemakers and rarely leaves his castle in the heart of his realm. Adores his gnomes and would do most anything to protect them from any and all harm.
  8. Malek: A jorish (swamp orc) huntsman that tended to do more backstabbing than talking. Used to work as a forest patrolman for the Marquis of Chute de l’Ombre but then moved on to take a job as head of security for the Crescent Import & Export Company. Was executed just before he was going to wed Drndyllyn for his role in murdering a romantic rival.
  9. The Three Librarian Monks: The caretakers of the mysterious library that can can be accessed via the magic portal behind the tapestry in the throne room of the Marquis of Chute de l’Ombre. Their names are Brother Simon, Brother Theodore, and Brother Alvin.
  10. Kevin the Slaad: Druuna’s best henchman prior to her becoming a dracolich. Kevin ran afoul of the Troublemakers and was killed in the Underdark beneath the Burrows in Chute de l’Ombre. As a final insult to injury his corpse was sent via banishment magic to his original plane of existence, wherever that is.
  11. Jurgen Tarragon: Some sort of shape-shifting scoundrel. He is either a dark elf that can turn into a purple dragon or a purple dragon that can turn into a dark elf. Neither of these things are good. Is a violently protective father to his offspring and almost as protective of his mate, Yvellia Blackheart.
  12. Twitch: An oddly pale elf that keeps popping up at the strangest times and in the strangest places. He probably couldn’t get any more mysterious if he was paid to do the task.
  13. Quinn: A drider that used to live in “the Barrows” in Chute de l’Ombre and then resided in Resurrection. Was dispatched to the bandit town of Trenglin in Mort-Vivant along with a number of other roguish types to spy and get a feel of what was going on there and ended up taking over the town in a series of bloody battles that he almost single-handedly won outright. He renamed the town Aranya in honor of his mother and served as the mayor. Was killed when the town was destroyed by an unknown enemy force.
  14. Charon: A dark elven priestess that masterminded the theft of the Aelerfyne Tapestry. Unfortunately, she was also the mastermind of breaking Selkirk Deathtree out of Slothjemia’s most notorious prison. For that offense she was tracked down and captured with the unwitting help of the Troublemakers who still haven’t gotten around to asking what the hell all of the explosions were about.
  15. Evantha Silvermane: A clever and sneaky dark elven woman that lied and tricked her way into the good graces of the King of Fanolania and now serves as the Councilor of the Underdark and Drow Elven Relations. Oh, and she managed to get herself named a countess in the bargain.
  16. Selkirk Deathtree: Probably the most infamous archmage to ever roam the shadowy forbidden places of Partum, this dark elven wizard has now left this world and made the journey to Arborea. He had given his spellbooks to Nessa (who was later killed by a ghost and the spellbooks lost).
  17. Olana Faucille: A master thief that runs a criminal syndicate in the Fanolanian capital of Avondace. She may or may not have been seen and involved in certain escapades that the Troublemakers might have run afoul of.
  18. Madame Yrella: A fortune telling crone that travels with and is part owner of the Deadling Brothers Bedlam & Breakage Circus. Her specialty is card reading. Has an aversion to mirrors.
  19. Archbishop Melward of Rhyms: A high ranking member of the Church of Fanolania that was murdered after being interviewed by the Troublemakers. This began a trend wherein powerful people started coming up with excuses not to meet personally with the Troublemakers if it could be at all avoided.
  20. Jacques DeLeon: Paladin that was assigned to protect the Troublemakers as they journeyed to see the King of Fanolania. Was killed by unknown forces while trying to help Joss the thief and Nessa the bard steal a painting from the Archbishop of Avondace. Somehow his corpse also ended up naked in an alley on the other side of the city.
  21. Simone Bulette: An elven captain in the Royal Musketeers assigned to keep the Troublemakers safe. She and her entire company were slain when the Viceroy drained them of their lives in his infamous assault on the Royal Palace. She was almost instantly reanimated and presumably ran amok before being destroyed again at a later date.
  22. Monseigneur Marcel Embell: The King of Fanolania’s personal chaplain. Drained of life and turned to dust by the Viceroy in his attack on the royal palace, the Maison de l’Iris. The death of one of the realm’s most powerful clerics was a major blow to Fanolania.
  23. Padrost Crimson: The official Court Wizard of the Royal Court of Fanolania. Obliterated by the Viceroy during the lich’s attack on the Maison de l’Iris.
  24. Beldroth Zylfaren: An elven assassin that was stabbed to death by one of his own daughters, Joss the thief. It was a veritable bloodbath. The whole house was a mess, but the kitchen took the brunt of it. They aren’t ever getting the blood out of those floors. Or cabinets. Or ceiling panels. Everyone assumes that is the last to be heard of him despite the fact that his body was never accounted for and there are literally dozens of necromancers lurking everywhere in the story.
  25. Gustav “Gus” Grosserhund: Former owner of the Howler House inn and tavern in Resurrection and was the most charismatic man in the realm. Had the most perfect singing voice anyone has ever heard. His staff at the Howler House were all terribly pack-like in their behavior and are slow to accept anyone into their confidence. Gus and all but one of these underlings were executed for helping Malek kill a romantic rival. Raised from the dead by Baron Chaverin, this pack of fiends resettled in the bandit enclave of Aranya before being messily slaughtered by an unknown force that wiped out the entire town.
  26. Pierre Duchaine: A fine and upstanding paladin that had the misfortune of encountering the problematic Troublemakers. Viewing him as an obstacle, they sent him on a wild goose chase straight into Colldrenia’s clutches. His armor was recovered. Nothing else was. His entire army was wiped out as well, but you’re going to get that.
  27. Colldrenia: A Night Hag that was one of the first villains in the game to be dispatched. She was a terrific schemer but ultimately she was a victim of her own arrogance and inability to predict how violently people can react when she kept egging them on by haunting their dreams.
  28. Malindra: One of Colldrenia’s sisters. Malindra was the sister that had been sent to get help from the Diosian Lodge to finish off the Night Hag’s plan to harvest larvae in the Prime Material Plane and in turn ended up introducing the Viceroy to northern Partum. Malindra has since left this plane and returned to the Gray Wastes.
  29. Tragallia: The third Night Hag sister. Is known by the Troublemakers to be around and alive, but they haven’t decided yet if she is a threat or not. Seems to be quite congenial, though, despite the reputations of her two sisters. Has offered to help the Troublemakers resolve a couple of issues that they had, and it is assumed that she did in fact solve the problems rather than make them worse. Was dispatched back to the Gray Wastes by Archbishop Abattoir but has since been brought back to the Prime Material Plane by the Troublemakers.
  30. Garstynnia: The mother of Colldrenia, Malindra, and Tragallia. Obviously a Night Hag. Might have been encountered in the game, might not have been. Again, very few questions asked.
  31. The Viceroy: Also known as “The Green King” by some in the Wenigzustand, the Viceroy is a member of the Diosian Lodge that has settled somewhere in the little states of northern Partum and has begun wreaking havoc among the natives. His real name is long forgotten and for nearly a thousand years he was the least among the liches of the Sikilian Confederation. All of that has changed in recent years, though. Emboldened by his victories of late the Viceroy had become less of a nuisance and more of a full-fledged menace. Was imprisoned in an emerald by the Magnificent Seven and handed over to the Council of Schönbrunn.
  32. Sheckner von Salzwiese: A hobgoblin that once served in the armies of Colldrenia and then in the forces controlled by her sister Malindra. Saw a lot of terrible things and at the first opportunity joined up with the Troublemakers who have long had a tendency to welcome in people of questionable moral fiber with open arms. However, Sheckner has more than proven his worth and has earned the titles of Baron of Saltmeadow and High Justice for the Archduchy. He is the second-highest legal authority in the Archduchy of Maelonbourg and the Wenigzustand.
  33. Jandle von Normand: Squire to Archduke Alexander “Xan” Kovak of Maelonbourg and the Wenigzustand. Avid readers of this blog (both of you) will recognize Jandle as being the former squire of Baron Grundoon von Vorkel who is heavily featured in the Nerd Fiction portion of this blog. Jandle even has his own book. He also suffers severe headaches from time to time and is a baron in his own right as well as serving as the Prime Minister of Maelonbourg and the Wenigzustand. Never underestimate a kobold, my friend.
  34. The Three Doomed Knights: Dispatched by the King of Fanolania to defend Jivet-au-Marruse from the green dragon, Druuna. Equipped with three magical items to make their task easier, the three knights were ambushed while still in Jivet-au-Marruse and the entire place was demolished by the fury of their would-be prey. The knights were named Alain, Estienne, and Heloise.
  35. Druuna: Known more recently as “Untote Druuna” this was an ornery and temperamental green dracolich that is utterly loyal to the Viceroy. Even in her living form Druuna was a righteous bit of hellish fury unleashed and now that she is undead her powers have increased sevenfold. She was probably the reason why the gnomes in Chute de l’Ombre didn’t sleep well. Was vanquished by the Fellowship of Fiends and trapped in her phylactery which was in Tragallia’s possession when she vanished.
  36. Archbishop Robert Richelier of Avondace: Formerly the highest authority in the Church of Fanolania and rumored schemer of foul plots. Used to have a strange and troubling painting that he had commissioned from the great elven painter Clemen until the Troublemakers stole it. The painting has since gone missing. That sort of thing happens a lot. The Troublemakers managed to steal the painting back again, and subsequently Richelier had a total meltdown and was arrested and replaced by the King of Fanolania. Unknown forces broke him out of prison, though, and his current whereabouts are a mystery.
  37. Bishop Maximillian Gelbrecht “Fiddles” Fiddlebeam: The titular head of the Church in Renatus. A gnome with an affinity for firearms, Fiddles is one of the higher ranked members of the Church of Chute de l’Ombre. After adventuring a bit with the Troublemakers Fiddles took advantage of a power vacuum when they moved in and took over Maelonbourg after Malindra vacated the premises and claimed the area as part of the Church of Chute de l’Ombre’s jurisdiction. Currently resides in the growing city of Resurrection and from there oversees the activities of what clergy exist in the realm as both the Bishop of Maelonbourg and the Lord High Chaplain to the Archduchy.
  38. Herschel von Surdamner-Gratz: The head of the Resurrection city guard. The guard itself is comprised of the Schwarzeäpfel mercenary group. Most of the men are from Weintäler, including Herschel. Why they originally came to Maelonbourg is anybody’s guess because once again not a lot of questions were asked.
  39. Laurent Bernard Duchaine: Once upon the time the Duke of Lothringen until he and his only other son, Patrick, were gruesomely murdered by Beldroth Zylfaren. The title then passed on to another man before finally resting on a third. The Duchaine line was severed. Yes, the Troublemakers were visiting when this happened.
  40. Lord Julien of Etlaroule, Baron of Moselle: The military commander for all militia forces that are fielded by the Duke of Lothringen. An upstanding and virtuous man who has never backed away from a fight.
  41. Sir Jean-Paul of Moselle: An elderly semi-retired paladin that was long retired when he was called back to active service in order to advise the Troublemakers in how best to unravel the evil that the Night Hags had woven into the very fiber of Maelonbourg’s essence. Typical of all paladins that enter the sphere of influence of this motley crew he was killed due to the powerful mental attacks from a trapped demon in an abandoned gold mine near Resurrection. His sword turns out to have been a powerful artifact and is now wielded by Shr Tubbicus Aurelius, the Baron of Bleakland and the commander of armed forces for Maelonbourg.
  42. Mr. Blue and Mr. Very Blue: Two xvarts that have settled into Resurrection and become the city rat catchers. They go by these names but are prone to introduce themselves by as many name combinations as one can imagine: Pork and Beans, Ping and Pong, Siegfried and Roy…. you get the idea. They are inseparable and are never seen apart from each other. They claim to be brothers, but they also claim to be an old Las Vegas magic act so do with it what you will.
  43. Drndyllyn the Wyld: A half-orcish barbarian woman that has carved a niche for herself as the one lady you do not wanna mess with. She settled in the lands governed by her adoptive brother, Xan the ranger, and as he has risen in power so has she. Currently she holds the title of Duchess of Oublier and Countess of Bog Hills. Was actively being courted by the jorish huntsman Malek, the only man to have successfully gotten far enough to hold her hand and not get shanked. Just before their wedding Malek was arrested and executed for murdering a rival for Drndyllyn’s affections.
  44. Haciathra: Known more commonly by her nickname the Oak Witch, Haciathra was the Archdruid that had dominion over central Partum. She made her home in the small realm of Riesenwald and shortly after turning secular control of this place to the Archduke of Renatus, Haciathra was killed while cleansing the forests of Limbourg of the festering evil that had taken hold there. Her death was somehow surprising despite the fact that a lot of powerful and important people have perished while working hand in hand with the Troublemakers.
  45. Merdachron Schwindler: Morbidly obese and every bit as cunning as a devil, Merdachron is the former mayor of Resurrection and its most prominent businessman. Was appointed to serve as the Chancellor of Condamner under the rulership of Duke Tubicus Aurelius. Everyone thinks he is up to something, but nobody is quite sure what it is. Hint: Yes, he is up to something. No, he will not tell you about it.
  46. Terence Tullford: The former regional chief of the Crescent Import & Export Company. The main thing this company is known for is its use of a flying airship that takes goods and passengers between Maelonbourg and Slothjemia. The nature of these transported things varies wildly. The same is true of the inanimate cargo. Terence seems to have run afoul of his superiors and has vanished.
  47. Moak: One of Malek’s older cousins, also a jorish huntsman. Still works for the Marquis of Chute de l’Ombre and is rarely encountered much anymore. Of the two of them it is Moak that is more violent and creepy. The bar for that isn’t all that friggin high, but it is still enough to be concerning.
  48. Sister Constance: The Mother Superior of the convent in Resurrection which is occupied by the Sisterhood of Delilah. In addition to running the city’s hospital the nuns have expanded to include a settlement in the supposedly haunted abandoned hamlet in Limbourg that is referred to as “Bloody Archduke”. The sisters also looked after the local orphans when the Archduke is away on business, although this task now falls to the Archduchess more often than not.
  49. Father Martinus: A jovial and intelligent man that served as one of the Royal Fanolanian inspectors. Did extensive work in Maelonbourg while it was under the temporary control of Fanolania. Has since been murdered.
  50. Dowager Baroness Ingela Cellier of Roslip: A dour and serious-minded old dame that served as one of the Royal Fanolanian inspectors. Did extensive work in Maelonbourg while it was under the temporary control of Fanolania. Has since been murdered.
  51. Bishop Zedem Malroy of Bozageest: A gnomish cleric originally from Chute de l’Ombre. Stepped into the role as Vicar of Boar’s Head and when Drndyllyn was made the Duchess of Oublier Zedem was asked to serve as the new Bishop of Bozageest. Had been key in converting the natives and in transforming the old orcish pagan temple into a thriving cathedral. Was arrested for collaborating with the Viceroy and was executed by the Marquis of Chute de l’Ombre.
  52. Burggel the Goblinslayer: A profoundly ugly human warrior that made a reputation for finding and stomping on trouble. Shortly after encountering the Troublemakers Burggel and his adventuring companions, Stanislaus Redgreaves the wizard, Penchart the cleric, and Kryss Nimble the thief were all apparently slaughtered. None of their bodies except one, that of the young woman Kryss Nimble, were ever found. Malek and Gustav Grosserhund were subsequently executed for their murders.
  53. Grendel: Adopted son of Archduke Kovak. Grendel is an orcish whelp who seems to be mute. Has quite a knack for druidic and shamanic magick, though, and has silently become something of a pack leader for the dragons of Maelonbourg’s lands.
  54. Tor: A hairless hill giant that works for Drndyllyn. His main job is picking up and moving heavy things and making sure stacks of heavy things don’t fall over. Not the brightest candle in the chandelier, Tor is basically a gentle soul. If pressed though he will throw you over the city wall and drop kick you into Condamner.
  55. Kiel: Half-ogre that leads Drndyllyn’s irregular infantry units. Is an unpredictably violent and unstable person but in his favor, he does do rather a lot of laughing.
  56. Le Duc: Vile and depraved to his core, Unheimlich Verschlinger was the ruler of Condamner. Known to have in his company ghouls and ghasts, Le Duc relied on silent dread and terror to keep power over his realm. Recently Le Duc had fallen under the influence of the Viceroy and while the notorious lich had placed more duties on Le Duc’s shoulders it seems as though the fiend was more than up to the tasks entrusted him. Le Duc was known by the nickname “Foghat” due to the magical nature of his tall black hat that creates billowing clouds of heavy mist that serves to protect and cover his retreats. He was destroyed by the dragons of Maelonbourg after being trapped in his palace following the coup in Condamner.
  57. Volker Augenstein: Military commander from the country of Weintäler. Haughty and arrogant to an extreme, Volker has the unenviable duty of making sure that his lord’s alliance with Maelonbourg doesn’t go belly up as their mutual enemies continue to multiply.
  58. Rawhide: Minotaur foreman of the Northern Cartage Company. Has an immense capacity for drinking alcohol and can almost singlehandedly devour the contents of a small bakery. Nobody would ever categorize him as a peaceful giant although he does have an amazing way of getting stubborn oxen to cooperate.
  59. Rolf Yonkeller: Dwarven boss of the Maelonbourg branch of the P & Y Construction firm. Their employee roster continues to grow rapidly due to the constant work being provided by the numerous building endeavors being undertaken by the Troublemakers. Even though there are other construction companies in the realm, including one owned by the Archduke himself, P & Y continues to get the lion share of the jobs due to their reputation and experience.
  60. Gilla: A Rubenesque young woman who is the primary herbalist and potion maker for the city of Resurrection. Has a natural affinity for spellcasters and other learned people. Gilla is also renown as a baker in her own right and was elected by the people to serve as the Lady Governor for the barony of Serenity. In this role she serves on the Archduke’s Governing Council. All of this is only her disguise, though. In reality she is Tragallia the night hag, and after having been banished back to the Gray Wastes she was retrieved by the Archduke and his friends to resume her duties in the Archduchy.
  61. Raymond Stephane Cuvillier: The Marquis of Sandorne and one of Fanolania’s four representatives on the Council of Schönbrunn. A warrior by profession, the good Marquis is a tireless advocate for law and order and serves as a Deputy Marshal of the Royal Musketeers. He found the Troublemakers to be both highly problematic and wildly entertaining.
  62. Antoine Leblanc: A xenophobic Fanolanian human that was given the title of Duke over Lothringen following the fall of the house of Duchaine. Didn’t hold the post very long because he ran afoul of the Archduke of Maelonbourg’s clever and scheming wife. Lost his position and ended up imprisoned by the King of Fanolania for challenging the will of the monarch.
  63. Martial Bonchellier: Formerly the Count of Maelonbourg when the realm was under the control of Fanolania, later promoted to become the current Duke of Lothringen. Considering that the previous two men to hold that title were brought to utter ruin by the Troublemakers Martial continues to be on good terms with them.
  64. Lady Ailé: Regent of Ange Déchu, an affluent and powerful state north of the lands held by Maelonbourg. Highly unpredictable and capable of incredible feats of over-the-top violence, Lady Ailé is the sort of woman you are hesitant to ask a favor of. When the Troublemakers asked her to help them convince the Grand Bishop of Ange Déchu to loan them the Olcurean Thurible in order to fight the Ash King, Lady Ailé fulfilled their request by stealing the relic from the Grand Bishop and then beating him half to death while he slept for good measure.
  65. Maureen: A pleasant and otherwise unassuming woman that was just going about her business in Trésor when she was murdered by Nessa the bard. In Nessa’s defense, the bard was bored so she thought shooting an arrow into a crowd of people would liven things up. Months later Maureen’s ghost would age Nessa beyond one hundred years, killing her. Maureen’s husband was Cedric (see below).
  66. Karl von Vrooman: A human mercenary that commands a small army called the Hengstgruppe (Stallion Group). His origins are unknown, but Jandle seems to know him by the name Gregor. Slothjemian by birth and military training, Karl has a thick accent that he has never been able to shake. Karl and his army are currently on permanent loan to Maelonbourg by the Regent of Ange Déchu.
  67. Cedric Bloed: Human that was widowed by the Troublemakers and then given a home in Maelonbourg and a job in recompense. Has three children and continually has the look of confusion on his face. Worked as a day laborer on what passed for the dockyards of Resurrection before Gus and the good folks of the city managed to marry him off to a woman that needed a better alibi and backstory than the one she came to town with. Bloed is actually the surname she chose for herself, and in true Cedric fashion her husband went along with it.
  68. Elliott: A human huntsman that has become one of the Archduke of Maelonbourg’s most trusted henchmen. He is continually in awe of both Malek and Moak and makes no secret of wanting to be every bit as badass as they are someday. Is known to be a casual associate of several individuals collectively known as “the Fellowship of Fiends.”
  69. Gracral Covenhammer: A highly respected diviner that teaches and studies at a prestigious Geldenreich university and serves as a scholarly resource for the Council of Schönbrunn. His focus is on all things related to curses and hexes. It goes without saying that he knows rather a lot about the Troublemakers.
  70. Lenna Silverpurse: Shadow elven member of the Borenhaas banking clan that is headquartered in Ange Déchu. Lenna was sent to open the first fully functioning bank in Maelonbourg.
  71. Qhicori: Dark elven man that serves to organize trade and commerce between Maelonbourg and Chute de l’Ombre. The Marquis of Chute de l’Ombre decided that all trade goods had to be routed through Maelonbourg, allowing the Archduke of that realm a chance to get plenty of tax money for everything passing across his territory. Qhicori is therefore a terribly busy man.
  72. Niemand Shadefiend: A crippled shadow elven bowyer that has set up shop in Resurrection. Recognized by most everyone as the best bowyer in Partum, his skill is made all the more remarkable by the fact that he has a withered right arm that at first sight looks to be about as useful as the teats on a tomcat. Nothing crafted by Niemand is cheap, either in cost or quality. He also doesn’t do rush orders. What he does is make some of the finest short bows you’ll ever find.
  73. Sidra Shadefiend: A shadow elven wood witch and the daughter of Niemand. Her abilities to shape and form wood are instrumental in her father’s work and has doubtlessly contributed mightily to his success. Currently in the beginning of what might develop into a courtship with a south Fanolanian ranger named Butch who seems to have thought that as a newcomer in town he ought to try and woo a shadow elven maiden. So far, so good.
  74. Sinister Shadefiend: Shadow elven apprentice to Niemand, his uncle. Sinister is fairly quiet as is the nature of his people, and he displays remarkable energy when carrying out even the most mundane of errands for his uncle.
  75. Khloe Bloed: A dhampir that was rescued by the Troublemakers and their associates from Lotharingian bounty hunters who had accused her of being a witch. Whether she was a witch or a dhampir is of little concern, really. Neither of these things are good. Khloe is now the Baroness of Westland in Maelonbourg and serves as one of the most trusted of Duchess Seraphina’s henchwomen.
  76. Branislav Zoric: Human jeweler that lives in the sleepy Slothjemian village of Leperstadt in the western part of Vilhelmia. Despite being as far off the beaten track as an artisan can get Branislav has made many distinctive pieces of exquisite ornamentation for some exceedingly high-profile customers. Among them is the Archduke of Maelonbourg and the Wenigzustand, for whom he made a wedding ring that was bestowed upon Princess Lersha von Slothjem on the occasion of their marriage.
  77. The Ash King: Once the de facto leader of the Diosian Lodge, the Ash King was the most prominent and formidable of the liches. The Troublemakers managed to take him down and destroy his phylactery, casting the entire lodge into chaos. Unfortunately this led to a power vacuum that meant they fell easily under the sway of an even more dangerous entity. In fact the Diosian Lodge has only now found its way back to its true calling and is arguably even more dangerous now than it ever was.
  78. Archduchess Shar Lersha von Slothjem-Kovak: The youngest daughter of the Queen of Slothjemia, Princess Lersha married the Baron of Diekirch (who was then given the title of Archduke of Maelonbourg and the Wenigzustand) after a short and tumultuous courtship. Beloved by all except one gnome in particular who is convinced that she is a witch. Spoiler alert: she is a witch.
  79. Count Damien Spettro: A Forkanzan noble who keeps popping up in the damndest places. Literally.
  80. Katrine Thibault: An older woman who was enticed by financial means to set up shop as an enchanter in Resurrection. Has developed a close friendship with Gilla and has made a number of magical items for the Troublemakers.
  81. Julien Held: A former chief inspector in the interior guard forces of Condamner. Operated out of the northeastern city of Vuelen where he was in charge of monitoring foreign travelers that are passing through the area. Was made the head of the state police by Le Duc which proved to be an incredibly poor decision as it enabled Julien to help mastermind the Spring Coup which toppled Le Duc once and for all. Now serves as the Lord High Inquisitor for the new lord of Condamner, Duke Tubicus Aurelius.
  82. Baron Burkhart Klaproth: The closest thing to a native noble in all of Limbourg, Klaproth governs from Castle Witherspawn in the south of the duchy. Under the rulership of the Archduke of Maelonbourg and the Wenigzustand Klaproth was made the Baron of Cottage Meadow. Seems to have nothing but the greatest of disdain for evildoers. His true form is that of a gold dragon, and he and Syren Mirabelle were married by the Archduke personally in a private ceremony. Suffered a brief setback when he was slain by the keening wail of Untote Nessa, but was brought back to life through the mysterious powers of the Draconic Idyll.
  83. Kardigazz Drak: Shape-shifting entity that has terrifying power and seems to want nothing more than to be left alone. This is the fellow that is the reason behind the warning “do not meddle in the affairs of hermits.” Apparently among his tricks is the ability to turn back time up to five days allowing people to rethink the choices they made during that time.
  84. Lhoris: Half-elven man with an eye for rules and keeping them who advanced to the role of Archdruid when Haciathra was killed. Makes his base of operations in Riesenwald but rarely is in one place for long. Hunting him down is a great way to occupy days if not weeks of accomplishing squat.
  85. Baron Chaverin: Another drider that had fled the underdark to tackle life in the surface world. Chaverin was a priest by profession and had become something of a spiritual and secular leader in the barony of Lighton in Limbourg. This is land now controlled by the Archduke of Maelonbourg and the Wenigzustand, and Baron Chaverin was determined to make his new liege proud. Most of the people in Lighton are sundered dark elves that were relocated here from Chute de l’Ombre because the gnomes found the drow simply terrifying. Chaverin was killed by Archbishop Abattoir in Haven.
  86. Shr Boligar Vishkin: A retired orcish Slothjemian general that accepted a post as the military advisor to the Archduke of Maelonbourg. Has proven his worth on two occasions in both offensive and defensive capacities.
  87. Brekor the Lucky: The only orcish subchief to survive the assault on Bozageest because the man ordered to kill him in cold blood just tackled him and told him to lay still and play dead. Brekor owes his life to this man, Baird the bard, and will do anything that Baird needs done. Brekor was elected to be the mayor of Bozageest when the Archduke of Maelonbourg and the Wenigzustand officially claimed the area as part of his domain.
  88. Lendler Giftmördun: A chef of unrivaled talent and skill. Has a huge extended family, all of whom are professionals in what can be termed “hospitality.” They are cooks, bakers, wine stewards, maids, butlers and footmen. A stunning array of domestic prowess when one considers that they do not serve anyone but are available for hire. Their most recent job was to provide the bulk of the food and drink for the great Oktoberfest in Bozageest, and for that they earned rave reviews.
  89. Sister Rachel: The Mother Superior for the Sisterhood of Delilah’s newest convent in Limbourg. Setting up shop in the area known as Bloody Archduke the nuns are just a stone’s throw from the forbidden territory of Castle Dreadmore just northeast of there. This new operation will give the nuns an almost self-contained community where they can work and reflect.
  90. Lucinda: Mute woman that is almost a perfectly identical twin to the Archduchess of Maelonbourg and the Wenigzustand. Lucinda is able to communicate her thoughts to people over limited distances and is able to hear and understand spoken languages just fine. Her ability to communicate verbally is still rather rudimentary, but this didn’t prevent Lord Tubicus Aurelius from falling head over heels in love with her. They were married rather quickly when Drndyllyn and Malek’s own wedding fell through, and Lucinda and Tubby went ahead and took advantage of the occasion. She is now Duchess Lucinda Aurelius of Condamner, Baroness of Bleakland, and the wife of the former interim King of Pandezia.
  91. King Theodas Erdithas: The last elven king of Maelonbourg, deposed and killed by Colldrenia. King Theodas’ ghost has been haunting the ruins of Maelonbourg City until recently when it seemed to acknowledge the legitimacy of Archduke Kovac over the realm. However, the spirit of the elven king told the Archduke that he will never be a king himself over Maelonbourg because that right was lost when Theodas’ own daughter and heir went missing.
  92. Father Grattius: An aged Lotharingian priest that was arrested and slated for execution for blasphemy against the ascending god. Inadvertently rescued by the Baron of Bleakland in the course of one of his other exploits, the good priest tended mostly to teaching the mute mystery woman Lucinda how to speak. When not so engaged Father Grattius was a veritable font of wisdom, fully versed in the sacred writings and incapable of making moral compromises. Was given the duty of resurrecting two of the Troublemakers following their demise at the hands of the Viceroy and his minions. Successfully performed the revival of Butch the ranger, who remained asleep but alive until the following day when Father Grattius resurrected Neesee the necromancer. This bit of spellcraft was a bridge too far, and the already elderly priest aged beyond his allotted years and died instantly.
  93. Lord Verrat: A dreadful minion of the Viceroy that closely resembled Baron Tubicus Aurelius of Bleakland. Just as Lord Aurelius is the commander of Maelonbourg’s army, Lord Verrat was the Grand Marshal of the armies of the Green King. This includes forces from Lotharingia, Sachsen, Söldnerland, Condamner, and Forêt Verte. Was killed in a shockingly short duel with Moak the jorish huntsman.
  94. Qhan: also known as “The thing in the Archduke’s tower”, Qhan was an injured and illithid that was rescued from the wreck of a spelljammer in Oublier. It was missing one of its face tentacles and this hadn’t in any way made it more attractive. After a brief bit of questioning by the Archduke it was decided that Qhan needed to die. After being killed Qhan’s body was given to Gilla the herbalist for use in making whatever potions she might need to craft. Instead of doing that, Gilla took the body to Priestess September in Sunder’s Hollow and had it brought back to life. Qhan now works to help the Fellowship of Fiends in whatever way it can.
  95. Aloysius: A semi-retired farmer that has refused to evacuate the area around Jivet-au-Marruse, remaining on his farm just south of the ruined town.
  96. Syren Mirabelle: A haughty and no-nonsense gold dragon that keeps a lair close to the top of Aerie Peak. Like every other gold dragon ever found she was apparently born without a sense of humor. In her most frequently used human form she appears as an older woman with dark auburn hair who keeps a cabin at the base of Aerie Peak in Riesenwald. Has a keen understanding of wild, dangerous things that would be the envy of any druid or ranger. Syren Mirabelle fell in love with Baron Klaproth when they first met, and they were married after having spent only half of a day together.
  97. Ella: A silver dragon prone to giggling and filled with the happiness and joy of a life well lived. This annoys Syren to no end and since they share a lair you can bet that there are entire decades when Syren wishes Ella would find her own damn cave to roll around in. Given the title of Countess of Riesenwald by the Archduke of Maelonbourg and the Wenigzustand so now Ella is even more insufferable. Suffered a brief setback when she was slain by the keening wail of Untote Nessa, but was brought back to life through the mysterious powers of the Draconic Idyll.
  98. Yvellia Blackheart: A deep dragon that lives in the underdark below the tapped-out gold mine known as “Xvartsylvania”. She has only recently been discovered and her first interaction with the Troublemakers was good for her and financially ruinous for them. Quinn the drider was able to recover some of their losses by negotiating with Yvellia after the fact, so that is yet another point in favor of Quinn. After finding a mate in Jurgen Tarragon Yvellia hatched three deep dragons which they are raising more-or-less as a deadly dysfunctional family.
  99. Richard Bernard: A knight from the Order of the Iris that was dispatched by Fanolania to help establish a system of courts and magistrates for Maelonbourg. He is a retired magistrate from Tollier. He is especially aged, with a long white ponytail and bald completely on top and in front. He wears black and dark blue, favoring hoods and gloves. During his career he has served as a bounty hunter, an executioner, and a judge. He has a ready smile but rarely a kind word. He no longer fights but he does carry a sword. It is not a fighting sword, but an executioner’s sword for beheading. He firmly believes in the right of the condemned to a swift and painless execution. He is an emeritus Archknight in the Order of the Iris.
  100. Leopold Voûteacier: A fastidious, round little man with the most luxurious head of long, curly grey hair imaginable. A stickler for details and a master of bookkeeping, Leopold is the High Treasurer of Maelonbourg and the Wenigzustand. He is also a steel dragon and the oldest and dearest friend of Baron Klaproth of Limbourg.
  101. Falco: The First Treasury Guard of the Chancellery for the Archduchy of Maelonbourg and the Wenigzustand. Formerly a “river rat”, Falco is a highly trained mercenary that was literally ordered to duty in the Treasury Guard by Leopold Voûteacier while Falco was on his way to find work at the port of Resurrection.
  102. Count Otto von Margraven: The ruler of Söldnerland and the operator of the largest mercenary organization in all of Partum. All males between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five must serve in the legions that are hired out to other nations and organizations all over the continent. Count von Margraven might have a vast military at his disposal but Söldnerlanders have never possessed the sort of drive to conquer and expand that motivate those that hire them. They love a fight, but the price has to be right in order to get them on the battlefield.
  103. Archbishop Gerard Mallet of Avondace: Formerly the Bishop of Rhys, Gerard is a staunch royalist as well as a devout and pious priest. He was selected to head the Church of Fanolania after the remarkably precipitous fall of his predecessor, Robert Richelier. Nobody in the Church anticipated such a dramatic change in leadership and that included Gerard. He has been busy ferreting out any among the clergy and laity that harbor loyalty to the previous archbishop that might prove to be a liability going forward.
  104. Frederic d’Vawer: Baron of the small city of Vawer in Condamner. Was one of the original participants in the Spring Coup that led to the fall of Le Duc and the peaceful takeover by forces loyal to the neighboring Archduchy of Maelonbourg and the Wenigzustand.
  105. Viktor Bonte: The Chief of Police for the small city of Vawer. A key figure in the Spring Coup as he was the one that persuaded the citizenry to once and for all turn against the undead in their midst.
  106. Brecht von Vuelen: Baron of the city of Vuelen in Condamner. The most powerful of the nobles to turn against the governance of Le Duc.
  107. Tristan Mahieu: The Chief of Police of the city of Vuelen. Despite his lofty position, Tristan is a towering pillar of gelatin. Would never have gone against Le Duc had he not been surrounded by persuasive men and an increasingly restless police force eager to see change.
  108. Felix Mortier: The Chief of Police for the town of Tinne in Condamner. An impatient man who sees the sharp edge of a sword as the best argument. When local baron hesitated to join the Spring Coup, Felix impaled him in the town square and personally set fire to the corpse.
  109. Mattias d’Cond: Baron of the border town of Aarschot in Condamner. A calmly shrewd and calculating man, he allowed the clergy to flee Aarschot into Ange Déchu knowing full well they would be slaughtered when caught by their northern neighbors. This little trick prevented Aarschot from being unduly affected by the Spring Coup.
  110. Joel Saeger: Chief of Police for the town of Aarschot. Fluent in a number of languages, Joel is one of a few Condamner natives who can claim to have travelled extensively.
  111. Fiona Vrammout: The widow of one of Le Duc’s most powerful mortal henchmen, a man who had been the overseer for the mines in Condamner. After his death Fiona became disenchanted with Le Duc’s vision for Condamner and when the Spring Coup began she led an army of zealously loyal miners against the Baron of Hallen and his toady Chief of Police. Everyone in Hallen who refused to back the rebellion were thrown into an open pit filled with oil that was then set alight. Fiona is now the self-proclaimed mayor of Hallen.
  112. Korgul Vetzler: Professional soldier from the Kingdom of Sachsen. Disenchanted with the direction things were going, Korgul took the chance to go renegade when he and his troops were assigned to the armies taking part in the ill-fated invasion of Fanolania. While the rest of his countrymen opted to escape northward to find a way home, Korgul and his troops decided to help the Spring Coup in Condamner succeed.
  113. Dredge Greybeard: Resembling a huge dwarf more than a human, Dredge is a ferocious Sachsen warrior well known for his tactical leadership.
  114. Lyron the Basilisk: One of the famed Sachsen warrior mages, Lyron uses his powers to defeat evil-doers whenever he can. A close friend of both Korgul and Dredge.
  115. Priscilla: The last of the original pack that operated “the Howler House”, Priscilla now runs the tavern and inn on her own with some help from the townsfolk of Resurrection. Priscilla is a sarcastic, somewhat aloof woman who is frequently mistaken as arrogant when really she is just apathetic.
  116. Wrunggel: A veteran warrior, possibly human but as ugly as a half-orc, and the brother of the murdered Burggel the Goblinslayer. For months Wrunggel had been digging into the death of his more well-known adventuring brother and the trail has led him to the wedding of Drndyllyn and Malek. He correctly guessed that his brother and his companions were killed in order to remove Burggel as a rival for Malek’s affections for the half-orcish barbarian Drndyllyn.
  117. Brother Josua: A cleric originally from Sachsen, well trained in combat and dedicated to hunting down evildoers. His specialty is dealing with evil shapeshifters. A likeable enough man, he is driven to hunt down and destroy the monsters that infiltrate the societies of law-abiding people in order to prey upon the innocent.
  118. Victor Hellmuth: A minor noble from Söldnerland and an extremely skilled bounty hunter. Victor is well known as a relentless hunter of fugitives and a tracker who puts many rangers to shame. Is not above breaking a few bones in his prisoners to prevent them from fleeing again.
  119. Sister Agatha: Middle-aged nun who left the Sisterhood of Delilah to form her own order, the Daughters of Immanuel. More than a healer, she is a skilled cleric in her own right. Agatha is adept at all forms of divination and has a natural gift for contacting the spirits of deceased individuals if she can be in the close proximity of where they died.
  120. Reiner the Flame Master: Young invoker who is startlingly good at causing and controlling fires. Embodies nicely the wizard who has a knack for causing vast amounts of damage and who sees every problem as a nail because all he has for solutions are huge, exploding hammers.
  121. Lars Deftly: A human huntsman from Lotharingia, found to be mentally unstable by the Shadow Doom Lodge and prevented from advancement despite his terrifying skills at assassination. He might not be the safest person to have by your side, but better there than behind you.
  122. Florentin Grosskopf: Semi-retired paladin from Weintäler who serves as a voice of reason and calm for those that seek his aid. Uses his wisdom and faith to avoid the fights he would otherwise win by sheer force of arms alone.
  123. Dunniwyrm: A tall and muscular dark elf with a white fu manchu moustache. This makes him the strangest drow ever encountered in Partum. Was the bodyguard of Marla Khenvra and arranged her escape from the underdark so that she could be taken to Arborea. Dunniwyrm has no intention of ever leaving the underdark and he knows it well.