Who’s Who

The gaming world is filled with Non-Player Characters (NPCs) and some of these have risen to the top to be considered important enough for the players not to write down their names and then three games later try and remember exactly who the hell they had been talking to and where in God’s green earth they can be found. Here is a list of most all of them. If any of them strike your fancy and you’d like more information, just send us an email and we’ll happily fill in more details for you so that you can adapt them to your own game.

  1. Brohka: an aged, blind orcish shaman that started out the game working for Druuna, the green dragon of Forêt Verte. After Druuna’s first defeat at the hands of the Troublemakers Brohka became something of a free agent and started revitalizing the blighted area of Maelonbourg. After the fall of Bozageest to the forces of the Maelonbourg Alliance Brohka made his way slowly but surely to a hill in the center of Oublier where he transformed into an enormous gnarled oak tree. He was the embodiment of a True Neutral alignment.
  2. Devious Maximus: the Marquis of Chute de l’Ombre. Utterly crazy cambion that zealously guards access to a magic portal in his castle and is fond of polka music. Has an enormous amount of wealth and no visible means of support. Primary weapon is a snail fork that he carries in a small metal holder affixed to the breastplate of his spiked plate armor. Enjoys yelling at blind people so that they can hear him and is fluent in semaphore.
  3. Druuna: an undead green dragon that is probably still lurking about the vast forests of her old domain, Forêt Verte. She may or may not be under the control of the Viceroy, but it appears that the two are working together due to the overwhelming evidence. This evidence boils down to the fact that both of them have glowing pinpoints of green light instead of eyes.
  4. Kevin: a red slaad that was Druuna’s primary henchman. He was killed by the Troublemakers in the Underdark while he was leading a force of bullywugs down to steal the tapestry from the dark elves. As a final humiliation his body was unceremoniously sent back to the outer planes when Joss (the original thief in the Troublemakers) stabbed him with an enchanted stiletto.
  5. Olana Faucille: probably some sort of thief who hangs out with other thieves in the Fanolanian capital of Avondace. She might even run a huge criminal empire. Nobody knows for sure because heaven forbid anybody ask any questions. Anyway, she seems to be in cahoots with a ghost or something and there were dark elven panties involved.
  6. Lord Laurent Bernard Duchaine, Duke of Lothringen: Wealthy and powerful Fanolanian that is now a dead guy. Both of his sons are dead too. The Troublemakers sent his eldest son, a paladin named Pierre on a wild goose chase and he and his army were slaughtered by Colldrenia and her hobgoblins. Then while the Troublemakers were visiting Lord Duchaine somebody broke into his palace and murdered both he and his only other son, Patrick. This effectively ended the dynasty and the title was given to somebody else. They have not invited the Troublemakers to pay a visit, as you might imagine.
  7. Beldroth Zylfaren: an elven thief and aspiring assassin who was also the father of both Joss and Nessa (two of the original Troublemakers). Was caught by Joss as he was trying to flee the murder scene of the gruesomely slain Lord Duchaine and his son. After being stabbed in the chest a few dozen times by his irate daughter, Beldroth died. Probably.
  8. Colldrenia: a night hag that had usurped the throne of an elven king in Maelonburg. She had two sisters, Malindra (who was sent to find a sorcerer that could open a gate back to the Gray Wastes) and Tragallia (who isn’t anywhere to be found because nobody asks any questions). Colldrenia was killed in an assault in the heart of her castle by the Troublemakers aided by a huntsman named Moak and an odd old dark elf named Selkirk Deathtree and his “granddaughter” Evantha Silvermane.
  9. Le Duc: mysterious possibly undead ruler of Condamner. Runs an efficient slave trading organization and used to have a dreadfully terrifying torturer named Mange. Ran afoul of the Troublemakers and now he doesn’t have a dreadfully terrifying torturer named Mange. He has the delightfully hilarious nickname of “Foghat” but nobody knows that except the Gamemaster despite the fact that he takes off his hat and literally creates impenetrable walls of fog.
  10. Quinn: a drider that has slid from Chaotic Evil to being merely Chaotic Neutral most of the time. Lives in a basement in Resurrection because why the hell not. Everyone has spiders in their basement. Our spider is nine feet tall and can cast fireball. Also writes a lot of poetry and has a theory about dwarves being gnomes that are suffering from acromegaly.
  11. Jurgen Tarragon: a dark elf that can turn into a purple dragon. Or perhaps a purple dragon that can turn into a dark elf. Not really sure because nobody asks any questions. Had apparently helped a group of renegade dark elves navigate the passages of the Underdark in order to get Selkirk Deathtree safely to the elven port of Havre d’Anges. After giving away his long fancy coat to Nessa (the original bard in the Troublemakers) he flew off.
  12. Charon Deathtree: a dark elven priestess that was trying to use the tapestry to get the dark elves to the great beyond and to place herself in a position of undisputed power. But she was wanted for unknown criminal acts in Slothjemia and they sent a bunch of marines in after her with the unwitting help of the Troublemakers. She was hauled off in shackles and as you might guess, nobody asked any questions.
  13. Herschel von Surdamner-Gratz: a veteran mercenary commander originally from Wientäler. His small band of soldiers-for-hire, the Schwarzeäpfel, is currently serving as the town guard for Resurrection.
  14. Altazar: the oldest elf in Jivet-au-Marruse. Made the pilgrimage to Havre d’Anges along with Selkirk Deathtree and King Carloman. Carloman and Altazar made the trip, but Selkirk was left behind until his mind could be settled.
  15. Selkirk Deathtree: currently being taken care of by the custodians of Havre d’Anges while they work on getting his alignment from Chaotic Evil to Chaotic anything-else-for-the-love-of-bread. He is mostly not homicidal now, so that’s progress.
  16. Belkin Mas’Grawr: dark elven fellow that commands a group of sundered drow in the town of Resurrection. They call themselves the “Sundered Blackguards” and do a lot of nocturnal patrols across Maelonbourg. They may be up to a lot of other things as well, but of course nobody asks any questions.
  17. King Carlobar Martel: the new King of Fanolania. Quite a bit like his father in that he is hesitant, proud, and terribly formal. Ever been to the Royal Court of Slothjemia? Yeah. The exact opposite of that and with soft flute and harp music in the background.
  18. Mr. Blue and Mr. Very Blue: two xvarts that appear to have great thieving skills but haven’t done much except introduce themselves as different people every single time they are encountered. Helped set up the Viceroy decoy in the north of Maelonbourg and negotiated a small xvart invasion to help drive out the orcs when the Troublemakers first showed up to secure the place. They are currently engaged as the town rat killers for Resurrection, a job they thrive at.
  19. Lord Raymond Stephane Cuvillier: the human Marquis of Sandorne. He is one of the Councilors of Schönbrunn and a Deputy Marshal of the Royal Musketeers. Keeps popping up to ask the Troublemakers to help with something or other and then terrible things result unintentionally. Why the King kept sending him is anybody’s guess. Now that Maelonbourg is an independent state again he hasn’t had nearly as much interaction with the Troublemakers.
  20. Lord Julien of Etlaroule: the human Baron of Moselle. Frequently tasked by whoever happens to be the Duke of Lothringen to serve as the commander of military affairs. Actually a really nice guy. Taller than you might think.
  21. Sheckner: a Lawful Good hobgoblin that has seen some truly horrible things. Underwent a spiritual rebirth and now works as a pseudo-paladin in Resurrection. Has a completely rational fear of the Viceroy because he has seen things. Terrible things. Somebody ought to ask him about that but we all know that isn’t going to happen. Works closely with the senior-most paladin in Maelonbourg and has been tasked with setting up a group of virtuous and upstanding mercenaries of the Paladin lodge of the Flaming Holy Sword in Resurrection. Was made the Baron of Saltmeadow in Oublier and is now more than likely the only responsible adult in the duchy except for Drndyllyn.
  22. Zedem Malroy: gnome cleric that helps out in Resurrection. A member of the Chute de l’Ombre Church, he enjoys poking at the Fanolanian clerics that don’t have any sway over anything in Maelonbourg because the gnomes got there first. He wouldn’t say “Suck it, LOSERS!” because he is a cleric but you know full well he is thinking it all of the time. Had been serving as the Vicar of Boar’s Head, but accepted the invitation of Drndyllyn to become the Bishop of Bozageest and oversee the conversion of Oublier into something less horrific than it was under orcish control.
  23. Gustav “Gus” Grosserhund: the human proprietor of “the Howler House” tavern and inn in Resurrection. Has a close-knit group of employees that are fiercely loyal. Gus is known for his amazing singing voice, ridiculously high charisma, and tendency to deliver long eloquent speeches in favor of random causes that he runs across.
  24. Drndyllyn the Wyld: the half-orcish “sister” of Xan (the ranger in the Troublemakers). Thanks to her sort-of-but-not-really-brother Drndyllyn built a small castle in the north of Maelonburg and around it sprang up the town of Boar’s Head. Has a reputation for spurning suitors. Finally seems to have been impressed enough by one of them, a swamp orc named Malek, to allow herself to be courted. Drndyllyn has a sizeable army all of her own that she has yet to field in battle. Recently Drndyllyn was placed in control of the orcish city of Bozageest as it is being recast as a base for the Maelonbourg Alliance and then she was made the Duchess of Oublier as well as the Countess of Boghills. Her reputation as a warrior has enabled her to either win the support of her people or else beat them into submission with ease.
  25. Moak: a jorish huntsman that is apparently temporarily banished to Chute de l’Ombre and serves as Devious Maximus’ primary henchman. A lot there to explore if anybody had questions to ask. *crickets*
  26. Malek: Moak’s younger cousin, also a jorish huntsman. Has worked as a henchman for the Marquis of Chute de l’Ombre and as a security guard for the Crescent Import & Export Company in Resurrection. Fell head over heels in love with Drndyllyn and finally won enough favor in her eyes to warrant her accepting his pre-courtship advances. Got a promotion and now works as the chief of security for the Crescent Import & Export Company’s new branch office in Bozageest which not surprisingly places him in close proximity to Drndyllyn.
  27. Volker Augenstein: a mercenary general from Wientäler who commands an army along the border with Maelonbourg. Played a small role in liberating Maelonbourg from the orcish intrusion. Mainly does a lot of haughty sniffing.
  28. Maximillian Gelbrecht “Fiddles” Fiddlebeam: the Bishop of Maelonbourg and primary leader of that branch of the Chute de l’Ombre Church. Dangerously fond of explosive devices. Available to officiate christenings, funerals, and weddings involving foreign royalty.
  29. Merdachron Schwindler: influential merchant and power broker that helped finance the rebuilding of Maelonbourg. Imagine a Sidney Greenstreet character, except greedier and more conniving. And heavier. Owns an extremely profitable coach company that runs between all communities in Maelonbourg and connects to destinations in Fanolania, Chute de l’Ombre, Wientäler, and now Oublier. Rumored to have a hand in a variety of other businesses in Maelonbourg and Oublier. Was elected as the Mayor of Resurrection and has been steadily and stealthily securing himself as something of a mini tyrant right under the nose of the Archduke of Maelonbourg and the Wenigzustand.
  30. Haciathra: called “the Oak Witch” by everyone in the Wenigzustand, Haciathra was the governing druid for Partum. She dwelled in Riesenwald but could be found nearly anywhere in her domain trying to keep things from tilting into “burn everything and pillage the rest.” She handed secular control over Riesenwald to the Archduke of Maelonbourg and the Wenigzustand but refused to accept any role in the government outside of her spiritual druidic calling. Was killed by an undead treant while attempting to cleanse the wild forests of Limbourg at the request of the Archduke of Maelonbourg and the Wenigzustand.
  31. Gilla: the Rubenesque herbalist and potion maker that set up shop in Resurrection. She doesn’t do discounts but she does pay handsomely for odd reagents that are hard to find. Was elected to serve as the Governess of Maelonbourg to serve on the ruling council which makes her politically one of the most powerful women in the realm.
  32. Sir Jean-Paul of Moselle: an elderly paladin that died of old age while serving as a mentor of sorts to the Troublemakers. They say he died of old age, but considering they have had eight paladins in their circle of influence die horrifying and agonizing deaths, who can say for sure?
  33. Rawhide: a minotaur that runs the Resurrection branch of the Northern Cartage Company. Has a way with oxen and a tendency to punch people into and through brick walls.
  34. Rolf Yonkeller: dwarven overseer for the Resurrection branch of P&Y Construction. Has been kept busy first building bridges for Maelonbourg and then building the castle up at Boar’s Head for Drndyllyn. Need something built? Get in line, sucko.
  35. Terence Tullford: regional director of the Crescent Import & Export Company. Most everything they ship in comes from Slothjemia once a month or overland via the Northern Cartage Company from Wientäler, Chute de l’Ombre, and Fanolania.
  36. Sister Constance: the Mother Superior of the Resurrection chapter of the Sisters of Delilah. Carries a truncheon and isn’t afraid to use it. She oversees half a dozen nuns and they work to maintain the town’s hospital and help out with the orphanage because the guy running it is like NEVER around. “Gotta go make more orphans” he says and there he goes riding off to stab people.
  37. Father Martinus and the Dowager Baroness Ingela Cellier of Roslip: one of the King’s inspectors teams. Had the dubious distinction of having to oversee Maelonbourg during their latest upheaval. Martinus loves a good joke and fine wine, and Ingela thinks everyone is being a juvenile boob. They weren’t able to stop the carnage, though. There were at least two-dozen bloody disappearances while they were there. Having left their assignment in Maelonbourg they apparently went their separate ways and in a strange coincidence both were murdered nearly 600 miles apart and at virtually the same moment according to what authorities could determine.
  38. Tor: a completely hairless hill giant that works for Drndyllyn. He likes to pick up heavy things and set them down. That’s the extent of it.
  39. Kiel: a half-ogre that like hurling stuff across long distances. He commands the irregular skirmishers that serve in Drndyllyn’s army.
  40. Lady Ailé: the Regent of Ange Déchu. Alluring and dangerously unstable, she has the tendency to find the most violent means of getting something done. Be wary of asking her for a favor. This is how Bishops get the crap beaten out of them while they are asleep.
  41. Gregor “Karl” von Vrooman: human commander of the Hengstgruppe mercenary company. Currently working under contract for the Flenderdenn banking family in Ange Déchu. Originally from Slothjemia and yet now working in the far northern portion of the Wenigzustand. That probably should have raised a few questions. It did not.
  42. Gracral Covenhammer: human diviner that works with the Council of Schönbrunn to help figure out the many puzzles that they encounter. Carries around a small guillotine just in case anyone needs their forearm removed.
  43. Lenna Silverpurse: shadow elven banker in charge of the Borenhaas banking clan’s operations in Maelonbourg. If you need to borrow the money it is probably a bad idea. The dame knows how to get the most out of any deal.
  44. Qhicori: dark elven man responsible for arranging all trade to and from Chute de l’Ombre. Since the Marquis has ordered all commercial traffic to be funneled through Maelonbourg this is an exceptionally influential position.
  45. Niemand Shadefiend: a shadow elven man with a withered right forearm and hand. Works as a bowyer in Resurrection. Doesn’t talk much, kind of quiet and shy. If he ever speaks at all, he just says hi.
  46. Sidra Shadefiend: a shadow elven maiden, the daughter of Niemand. Sidra is a wood witch. She isn’t to be confused with any other Sidras that one might encounter. This is the one with a penchant for plant life.
  47. Sinister Shadefiend: another shadow elf, the nephew of Niemand. Works as an apprentice to his uncle and runs most of the errands. Evidence suggests he is an accomplished archer, and has taken to running with that crowd of dark elves in Maelonbourg. Most recently helped in an ambush ahead of the Second Battle of Käsestadt that resulted in the death of a Lotharingian Marshal and his senior staff.
  48. Cedric: a human dockworker from Ange Déchu that moved to Resurrection after Nessa murdered his wife. The promise was to get him set up to restart his life with his three small children. He ended up being married off to Khloe who was at the time hiding from some Lotharingian bounty hunters. He frequently looks like he has no idea what the hell is going on.
  49. Count Spettro: Forkanzan nobleman that keeps popping up in the damnedest places. Literally.
  50. Khloe: one of the Ugly Ducklings (the loyal followers of Seraphina, the thief in the Troublemakers), a happy little subset of the primary instigators of difficulty. When first encountered she was described as a witch. Then everyone thought she was a wolfwere. Now they are certain she is a dhampir. What nobody seems to have thought to ask is “why did we want her here with us? NONE of these are good things!” She was made the Baroness of Westland in Maelonbourg.
  51. Princess Shar Lersha Queliendy von Slothjem: the bride-to-be of Xan (the ranger in the Troublemakers). That sentence alone is more than Xan knew about her before proposing marriage. Now that she is married to Archduke Xan Kovak, she is now properly referred to as the Archduchess Shar Lersha Queliendy von Slothjem-Kovak of Maelonbourg and the Wenigzustand. If you think having the longest name and title in her family doesn’t amuse her, then you are mistaken. Lersha has a tendency to allow people to think the worst of her and then to use their fear and misgivings to subtly intimidate them into doing what she wants done.
  52. Styxia the Hag: the foremost green hag in Slothjemia and the go-to for cryptic prophecies. If she doesn’t have a frustrating riddle then she doesn’t have an answer.
  53. Madame Yrella: fortune-teller and card reader with the Deadling Brothers, Bedlam & Breakage Circus. This is another not-to-be-missed event when the circus comes to town. The first time they came through the Troublemakers managed to kill a woman with an errant arrow. You’d be shocked how often that happens.
  54. Duke Martial Bonchellier of Lothringen: the fairly young and energetic nobleman entrusted by King Carlobar Martel to directly oversee the Maelonbourg Mandate. He kept an eye on the three barons that frequently ran amok in Maelonbourg and had some modicum of further oversight in the form of the previous Duke of Lothringen, the neighboring Fanolanian province. For the most part Lord Bonchellier was content with letting the barons handle most of the small matters while he focuses his efforts on placating his superiors. His efforts paid off and after the fall from favor suffered by his predecessor Martial found himself becoming one of the most powerful human nobles in Fanolania.
  55. Antoine LeBlanc: a middle-aged human that exemplifies the stereotypical xenophobia of the willfully ill-informed. Extremely tolerant of demihumans the former duke of Lothringen was openly hostile towards basically everyone else. He doesn’t like being in the same room as half-orcs even. Was caught in bed with a hobgoblin woman (a Slothjemian dame that was part of a bodyguard detail for the Dowager Countess) when he had stayed overnight following a strategy meeting with the Council of Schönbrunn and only returned to Maelonbourg to attend the wedding of Xan and Lersha. Fell out of favor with King Carlobar Martel over the King’s granting of independence to the Archduke of Maelonbourg and the Wenigzustand. Was stripped of his titles and when last seen was in irons being hauled back to Avondace.
  56. Archbishop Robert Richelier of Avondace: the human in charge of the Fanolanian Church. Has taken a stand against allowing the dark elves access to Havre d’Anges and saw that over-ridden by the King. Is now rumored to be thinking about issuing an Edict of Reconciliation to place the hierarchy of the Fanolanian Church under the authority of the Supreme Pontiff of the Holy Imperium Church. The rationale for this move is unclear.
  57. Brekor the Lucky: The only surviving member of Bozageest’s ruling council after the defeat of the orcs by the mercenary armies of Maelonbourg. Brekor was spared by the bard Shr Baird deBiville who couldn’t bring himself to kill the unarmed orc. Brekor now serves as one of Drndyllyn’s main advisors and the Mayor of Bozageest.
  58. Baron Burkhart Klaproth: The lord of Castle Witherspawn in Limbourg. Klaproth is a jovial fellow keen on helping those in need whenever he can. Surrounded as he is by hostile powers in Lotharingia and Condamner, Klaproth has taken to harboring all that seek refuge and then assisting them in escaping southward to more peaceful lands.