Notable NPCs: Kardigazz Drak

In the far northeastern corner of the anarchical land of Limbourg sits the imposing and aptly named Castle Dreadmore. Built upon the foundations of an ancient fortification overlooking the Dread-Orobrook River on the east side and the rugged wilderness everywhere else. Little is known about how many soldiers might be defending Castle Dreadmore, but what is known is that the master of the place is a man named Kardigazz Drak.

Other than the name of this mysterious fellow, little else can be established about his origins or abilities. What is widely recorded as fact is that no one in this part of the Little States can rival Kardigazz Drak on the battlefield, either in single combat or at the head of an army. Stories are told of vast legions of veteran soldiers appearing overnight and from naught but thin air to rain destruction on anyone opposing Kardigazz Drak. It was by this means that he himself seized Castle Dreadmore from the Fallen Knights of Lotharingia who had moved in and turned it into their base of operations against Ange Déchu and Limbourg. As the rumors go one day Kardigazz Drak showed up outside of Castle Dreadmore asking for a place to sleep and a simple meal. When he was callously rejected by the Fallen Knights, he drew his sword and swore to make them pay for their arrogance. As the sun set that evening the attack began.

A swarm of soldiers appeared from the rugged landscape around the fortress and before the Fallen Knights could react the forces against them had secured the outer walls and were racing into the interior of the castle with bloodthirsty abandon. A handful of Fallen Knights that were on patrol in the countryside survived the attack and returned to Lotharingia to report what had happened. Three times the combined forces of Lotharingia tried to dislodge Kardigazz Drak from Castle Dreadmore and each time they were repulsed decisively. With each attempt the number of pikes around Castle Dreadmore increased, each bearing the impaled body of a Fallen Knight.

Nobody who is native to Limbourg will willingly venture to Castle Dreadmore, and few others are foolish enough to ignore the warnings they are given. Those that do make the journey are advised that they do so at their own risk.