Pearls of Githarm

For centuries scholars and sages have puzzled over the occurrences of strange roses that spring up instantly, blossom, and then wither into nothing just as quickly. Inside the blooming rose is a pearl of perfect quality that has a more iridescent tone than a normal pearl would have. The arrival of these pearls is a … Continue reading Pearls of Githarm

Devil Drake

Climate/Terrain: Any non-Arctic Frequency: Rare Organization: Solitary Activity Cycle: Any Diet: Carnivore Intelligence: Supra (19-20) Treasure: Varies Alignment: Neutral No. Appearing: 1 Armor Class: 3 Movement: 6, Fl 18(C) Hit Dice: 6 THAC0: 14 No. of Attacks: 1 or 3 or 4 Damage/Attack: 2d6 (Strangulation), 2d8 (Bite), 1d6 (Front Claw), 1d6 (Front Claw), 2d8 (Rear … Continue reading Devil Drake