“You Should be Right Fearful of a Clever Squire”

In the realm of Slothjemia there is a tradition of knights and nobles having executive assistants that are categorized as "squires". These are not the same type of squire that may be encountered in other lands in that most squires (as the title is understood throughout much of Partum) are themselves young candidates for knighthood. … Continue reading “You Should be Right Fearful of a Clever Squire”

Ask a GM: “Help! I’ve Been Turned into a Larva!”

Also known as "Soul Larva" these sickly disgusting five-foot-long slug-like worms with faces that vaguely resemble the visages they had in life are all that is left of mortals who meet their demise and are formed anew as these monstrous creatures in the Gray Wastes. Night hags are able to transform humans into larva via … Continue reading Ask a GM: “Help! I’ve Been Turned into a Larva!”


Work in the new settlement of Jobberstadt had been going on for several weeks now and tremendous progress was being made. Directly north of the shared town of Jivet-au-Marruse across the “Bridge of Bones” over the Marruse river, Jobberstadt was intended by the Archduke of Renatus to be a central export and import hub. Construction … Continue reading Jobberstadt


The Archduchy of Maelonbourg and the Wenigzustand was never a title that rolled easily off one's tongue. Heck, it didn't roll off anything easily. The nations of Partum are filled with aristocrats that adore lengthy names and regal accolades but even among them the bulky name of this growing realm was a bit much to … Continue reading Renatus