Opal-Palooza (Part 4)

Prince Bortimer and Shr Grogdahl sat quietly eating. Bortimer was considered by some people to be a handsome fellow, perhaps a bit stocky and possessed of a magnificent head of thick black hair. His moustache was almost comically thick and luxurious, but he was otherwise clean shaven all of the time. His eyes betrayed his … Continue reading Opal-Palooza (Part 4)

Opal-Palooza (Part 2)

Shr Augustin Shadefiend and his three personal guards walked purposefully yet warily to Bortimer and Grogdahl's table. Shr Augustin was not altogether comfortable with this kind of thing but when his grandfather had given him the task it wasn't phrased in the form of a suggestion. He nodded at Bortimer and cast a quick glance … Continue reading Opal-Palooza (Part 2)

A Scheme Develops

The encampment of the Red Guard along the western frontier of New Sikilia had become quite the formidable little city. Centered on a towering fortress that had once belonged to one of the more prominent minions of the Ash King, this was the center of military affairs for the Slothjemian Empire's interests in these conquered … Continue reading A Scheme Develops