The Adventures of King Carl the Squat and Prince Bortimer (Part 2)

For the first two days of their absence nobody in Resurrection really paid much attention to the fact that King Carl and Prince Bortimer were long overdue from their mushroom gathering. On the third day somebody finally realized that nobody had seen them in a while and began to make inquiries. The first person they … Continue reading The Adventures of King Carl the Squat and Prince Bortimer (Part 2)

Redemption Lost

Ferrik the half-orc had already cleared the pathway through the various offices so that his boss wouldn't have to be inconvenienced by any staff or misplaced furniture when he stormed in. It was a foregone conclusion that Ferrik's boss would be storming. He had already sent word that his trip had been derailed and that … Continue reading Redemption Lost

A Case to Present

The group that travelled along the road from the town of Resurrection towards Bozageest seemed a rather somber and thoughtful lot. It consisted of six men and one woman, each riding in relative comfort upon seven of the finest horses to be found in the Wenigzustand. They were dressed well but not garishly, and the … Continue reading A Case to Present