Wherever There are Women, You’re Going to Get That

Recent visitations by the polymorphed dragons in the growing city of Resurrection had created quite a bit of tension in Maelonbourg. Two of these dragons were maroon-colored “deep dragons” who were definitely the outsiders in the city and deeply uncomfortable around surface dwellers. Another two were gold dragons, the exact opposite on the sliding scale … Continue reading Wherever There are Women, You’re Going to Get That

The Folly of Power

As was the custom for such things Colonel Drendler was somewhat anxious about having to deliver bad news to the Grand Marshal. Lord Verrat was already aware that something had happened due to the magical nature of his tactical wall map, but Colonel Drendler had the unfortunate duty of filling in some of the details. … Continue reading The Folly of Power

As Thieves in the Night

In any adventure participants will have to identify the strengths that are needed in order to overwhelm whatever obstacles might be encountered. This was something that the Fellowship of Fiends did exceedingly well. Taking stock of their own abilities and assessing whatever it is that they are up against has become something of a well-worn … Continue reading As Thieves in the Night

Assembling the Team

Nobody could say for certain who had originated the scheme, but it was brilliant enough that each of them did what they could to claim some portion of the credit. One of the more aggressive of the fellowship was the clean-shaven drider known as Baron Chaverin. The baron was also an accomplished cleric, and it … Continue reading Assembling the Team