Law & Order Slothjemian Style

Slothjemia adheres quite rigidly to its laws and the enforcement of them in order to maintain some semblance of civilization among the melting pot of a multicultural citizenry. To this end there are laws pertaining to such things as bribery, theft, robbery, assault, manslaughter, attempted murder, murder, assassination, rape, kidnapping, and destruction of property. These … Continue reading Law & Order Slothjemian Style


People who know me extremely well probably don't realize that my favorite movie of all time is the syrupy sweet and over-the-top sappy as a maple tree film "Pollyanna". It has everything. Great cast of award-winning actors, superior writing, great moral lessons delivered with a velvet glove and of course children falling out of trees. … Continue reading Pollyanna

Power in Prayer

Foster Fenbattle sat on his horse and studied the rich river valley below. From where he sat on the slopes of the Gargano Mountains in southeastern Forkanza he could see plainly the amassing armies of the Torkan Caliphates and the ships of their corsair allies that had ferried them here. For months the tension had … Continue reading Power in Prayer