Lies Become Truth

The court of the Supreme Pontiff was almost always in session in the Divine Hall. Representatives from all across the Fourth Imperium gathered here to seek an audience with Callidus Magna, or at least to be present when his divinely appointed edicts were issued. Every word spoken by the smiling pontiff in the immaculate white … Continue reading Lies Become Truth

Clarity and Cognac

Archibald poured the cognac from an elegant decanter into a tulip-shaped glass. He smiled slightly as he picked it up and admired the color. Taking a sip, he made his way across his study to his high-backed leather chair. There were small tables on either side of the chair piled high with documents that he … Continue reading Clarity and Cognac

In the Realm Above

Admiral Aradraxxus stood at attention with his hands clasped behind his back upon the stern castle deck of the Wyrm-class battleship Queen's Gauntlet. This was the flagship for the Imperial Slothjemian 3rd Fleet, and it was currently assigned to monitor the ongoing threatening stance being undertaken by the wildspace illithid in the region around Domum. … Continue reading In the Realm Above