Lord Prosecutor; Keeper of the Accusations

Under criminal law in Slothjemia, there is three-tiered system by which the accused are brought to justice; Constabulary/Investigators, Prosecutor, and Magistrate. If the accused is fortunate enough to have the resources to retain their own legal counsel, then that gets thrown into the mix, as well. But if they can't, then they must face the … Continue reading Lord Prosecutor; Keeper of the Accusations

The Governor-General’s Oath

Chapter 1 ¬†The war in Romillia had proceeded without further interference from Baron General Shr Grundoon von Vorkel and his devilishly clever, victorious troops. Regular updates made their way through official channels, and unofficially via the supply carriers about developments in the conflict. Everywhere, it seemed, the Slothjemians were winning battles and bringing ruin to … Continue reading The Governor-General’s Oath