In the Holy Imperium Church there is a strict hierarchy of leadership that has been respected by all of its members for over a thousand years. At the top sits the Supreme Pontiff, a role held by the mysterious and seemingly all-powerful Callidus Magna who has recently combined this job with that of the Imperator … Continue reading Principales

As Was Foretold

The dark elven city of Umru Zashrah was always a hive of activity. This occasion though saw the drow that lived here even more energized than usual. News had arrived from a number of the more prominent members of the upper class that the town of Dhesabro some two days travel time away in the … Continue reading As Was Foretold


Drndyllyn wasn't what any of her friends would call an ordinary woman. Fiercely independent and strong willed were terms frequently used to describe the half-orcish barbarian lady who had been given two estates and one of the largest cities in the realm to govern. She was a Countess, a Duchess, and alone. That is until … Continue reading Cioară