Designing the Plot

There are four approaches that Game Masters can use to organize their campaigns. Each one has their attractive elements and they also have their own downsides. For anyone wanting to run their own Dungeons & Dragons the basic approach that you use will set the tone for the entire game. Plan accordingly because not all … Continue reading Designing the Plot

Slothjemian Spelljammers; Dowarby-Class Scout Ship

The smallest and by far the most maneuverable of the Slothjemian native-built spelljammers is the nimble and quick Dowarby-class. Unable to carry any significant weaponry the 15-ton vessels are almost entirely all sail when viewed from a distance. They have a collapsible "dragon-wing" style ventral sail that hangs straight down from the keel, two pectoral … Continue reading Slothjemian Spelljammers; Dowarby-Class Scout Ship