A Closer Look at Forkanza: Lombardia

The recent news out of Forkanza has a good many scholars scratching their heads in bewilderment. Nobody has heard of such robust military actions in the Forkanzan Peninsula for centuries, and even then it was because foreign invaders were trouncing the remnants of the Third Imperium. In only three months two city-states have fallen to the armies of Lombardia and observers are at a loss to explain exactly how this all happened.

Only now are reports beginning to circulate about the particulars of this strange turn of events. It would seem that King Soccorso III was more ambitious than anyone previously gave him credit for being. While not directly commanding the armies that march under the “Banner of the Bull” (the bull being central to the identity of Lombardia for a millennia or more) the king has nevertheless found somebody who has proven themselves to be the most formidable tactician in the entire region. Who this brilliant general is remains a mystery as is how they managed to raise an army estimated to be at least twenty legions strong. With such tremendous strength on tap it is no wonder that Lombardia’s neighbors are caving in or being soundly beaten by overwhelming numbers of Lombardian soldiers.

Lombardia has always been a staunch ally of the Andolinni family that itself controls a third of Gothortus. There are five other Forkanzan city-states similarly allied to the Andolinni family. If Lombardia continues its conquest of the peninsula experts in political science are curious as to how these realms are treated by Lombardia’s military juggernaut.

The wealth that flows through the cities of Lombardia are no doubt being redirected to fund further expansions of its already formidable armies. The dwarves of Helvetica have always had a great relationship with Lombardia and the trade between these two nations have made them incredibly affluent. The strength and wealth of Lombardia is why the symbol of Lombardia is a golden bull. Now more than ever it is evident that this reputation is well deserved.