High Fantasy, Low Fantasy, and Whatever the Heck This is Supposed to Be

Folks that are big fans of categorizing things have a lot of fun with fictional material. What genre is this? Does this count as high fantasy, such as J.R.R. Tolkien's writings, or low fantasy, like the works of K.J. Parker? People might just as easily be asking "who in the hell is K.J. Parker?" Beats … Continue reading High Fantasy, Low Fantasy, and Whatever the Heck This is Supposed to Be

Lord Prosecutor; Keeper of Accusations

Although the title and rank sound terrifying, this position is one of the least powerful of the Royal Bureaucratic Council. Until law enforcement brings them somebody to accuse in court, they have little to do. And once they finish their arguments in favor of whatever punishment they are seeking, the magistrate takes over for sentencing, … Continue reading Lord Prosecutor; Keeper of Accusations

The Governor-General’s Oath; Chapter 4

Grundoon spent the rest of the day in his office, pouring over the documents, maps, and assorted paperwork for his new job. Romilmark was a very large territory, containing three good-sized cities, several villages and towns, and three high mountain passes that allowed travel to and from Romillia. According to the reports in the bundle … Continue reading The Governor-General’s Oath; Chapter 4

Continental Excursions; Fanolania

While it doesn't border Slothjemia, or even any of Slothjemia's immediate neighbors, the Kingdom of Fanolania is a powerful entity on the continent. Unlike the primarily human Geldenreich, Fanolania enjoys a largely homogenous political environment. Fanolania is also the most stable country in the continent, having had the same king for almost one thousand years; … Continue reading Continental Excursions; Fanolania