Continental Excursions; Maelonbourg

For a long time one of the wealthiest and most successful of the Wenigzustand, the small nations that lie north of Geldenreich and east of Fanolania, Maelonbourg has fallen on hard times. Governed for generations by elves of somber and intelligent inclinations, an outsider to the land began to sow discontent by insidious means. In the guise of a beautiful and wise woman, the chief counselor to the king was enchanted by a cruel and inhuman usurper. It took years to do, but the woman, known as Colldrenia, eventually succeeded in persuading the chief counselor to overthrow the rightful king, and the unknowing populace initially supported this coup. But they soon enough realized their folly, as the humans of Maelonbourg were rounded up and never heard from again. Demihumans that lived in Maelonbourg were either enslaved, killed, or driven out, and Colldrenia replaced the loyal soldiers of the land with heartless, savage hobgoblins.

The chief counselor, scoundrel that he was, met an unsavory end, same as the other humans of Maelonbourg. The exact details remain a mystery, but the once lovely and picturesque landscape of the realm has been transformed into a nightmarish recreation of hell itself. Dark, evil powers are drawn to Maelonbourg now, and their devilish machinations threaten to spread ruin among the Wenigzustand and beyond. Only the return of the rightful heir to the throne can have any hope of restoring the land to its former glory, although they cannot likely do it alone. The lord of Chute de l’Ombre is a sworn enemy of Colldrenia, and has limited success in foiling a handful of her schemes, but even his passion to see her dethroned was insufficient to the task. That is until he crossed paths with the Troublemakers.

The Troublemakers are a much too merry band of good-natured scoundrels that have never turned down a chance to fight evil. They have not always been wildly successful, but they carried on nonetheless. Recruiting help from them the Marquis of Chute de l’Ombre managed to topple Colldrenia is spectacular fashion (according to his view of how things went) and the little nation of Maelonbourg was quietly placed under Fanolania’s protection for the time being. The rightful heir to the throne of Maelonbourg has vanished without a trace so the Troublemakers were tasked by the new King of Fanolania to serve as barons for the foreseeable future. Aided by their stalwart companions these adventurers proceeded to make the town of Resurrection the new capital of Maelonbourg and after chasing out the remaining orcs that had invaded from Oublier, partly thanks to the magick of a meddling lich called the Viceroy, Maelonbourg is well on its way to becoming a habitable place again.

With the old capital, the once glorious Maelonbourg City, in ruins and disarray, there are limited options for people wanting to do business in Maelonbourg. Aside from the growing town of Resurrection there is also a developing settlement in the far northeast corner called Boar’s Head that has substantial growth potential. This rough and tumble outpost on the fringe of orcish land is run by none other than Drndyllyn the Wyld. This is not a calm and civilized settlement and visitors here should expect foul odors and strong beer. Fisticuffs are also not uncommon. A far cry from the days when elves ruled Maelonbourg, but then again things are a damn sight better than when the night hags were running the show.

12/13/20 Update: Now the seat of power for the Archduchy of Maelonbourg and the Wenigzustand, Maelonbourg has seen an explosive growth of commerce and agriculture. The old capital still sits in ruins and is the source of stone for building projects elsewhere in the realm. Two more towns have taken root; the town of Imprévu in the barony of Westland and the mining town of Fer de Grenat in the barony of Normand. Resurrection itself has spread out to the south across the river into a new suburb in the barony of Serenity, but this hasn’t yet asserted itself as a separate entity. The Archduchy also includes the lands of Oublier, Riesenwald, and Limbourg. This has made the realm something of a sprawling mess in which all manner of people are working together not just for survival but also to expand even further. It goes without saying that the neighbors of this land are warily cautious of its growing influence.