Continental Excursions; Riesenwald

Not really a state in the true sense of the term, Riesenwald is a small land filled with heavily forested hills. It is home to faerie folk as well as giants and has no recognizable form of unifying government of its own nor does it possess any cities or notable commerce. There are some trade routes that run through Riesenwald linking together Fanolania and Weintäler. The peoples that inhabit Riesenwald have thusly developed a strong taste for wine and cheese since that is almost exclusively what is traded between these two nations. The closest thing to a leader this realm has had for generations is the Archdruid that dwells here. Many who have held this office have made Riesenwald their base of operations even though they oversee the wild untamed places all across western Partum. The current Archdruid is a woman that goes by the moniker of the Oak Witch. She has handed control over the area to the Archduke of Maelonbourg and the Wenigzustand in the belief that they are truly dedicated to restoring some semblance of balance to the wilderness in the little states.

Riesenwald is one of the few little states that can claim with any legitimacy to not be riddled with strife and wicked behavior. There is an extraordinarily powerful druid that has made this area their home and they serve as a de facto ruler to those that dwell within this sylvan haven. Interlopers of an evil mentality are quickly found out by the magically inclined denizens and are either driven out or destroyed. An especially violent end awaits lycanthropes that enter this place, or undead that attempt to pass through. The peoples of Riesenwald have on occasion in the past come to the aid of both Fanolania and Wientäler in times of urgent need but as there is no organized method of rallying the folks of Riesenwald this aide was haphazard at best.

Riesenwald is a terrific place to call home or to retreat to if an adventurous person needs a safe place to take a break. As long as you don’t mind the tricks and pranks of pixies and firbolgs, and can handle a near endless amount of woodland living, Riesenwald is the perfect spot for you. One bit of advice, though; leave the axes and torches at home. Treants tend to get very smashy when these things are swung about willy-nilly in Riesenwald.

12/19/20 Update: Prior to her untimely and violent death in the corrupted wilderness of Limbourg the Archdruid Haciathra (more commonly known as the Oak Witch) had ceded secular control of Riesenwald to the authority of the Archduke of Maelonbourg and the Wenigzustand in recognition of his efforts to defeat evil. Riesenwald is still a wild and untamed place, though. For the most part nobody claims to be in charge in any real sense. The denizens did however heed the call to arms of their Archduke and contributed significantly to their victory at the Second Battle of Käsestadt.