In the Realm Above

Admiral Aradraxxus stood at attention with his hands clasped behind his back upon the stern castle deck of the Wyrm-class battleship Queen's Gauntlet. This was the flagship for the Imperial Slothjemian 3rd Fleet, and it was currently assigned to monitor the ongoing threatening stance being undertaken by the wildspace illithid in the region around Domum. … Continue reading In the Realm Above

Game Master’s Bestiary: Toxicorans

CLIMATE/TERRAIN: Urban areas and/or wealthy estates FREQUENCY: Very rare ORGANIZATION: Family clan ACTIVITY CYCLE: Any DIET: Omnivore INTELLIGENCE: Very high (15-16) TREASURE: Special ALIGNMENT: Lawful Evil or Neutral Evil NO. APPEARING: 10-20 ARMOR CLASS: 8 MOVEMENT: 9 HIT DICE: 3 THACO: 18 NO. OF ATTACKS: 1 DAMAGE/ATTACK: 1d2 SPECIAL ATTACKS: Poison SPECIAL DEFENSES: Immune to … Continue reading Game Master’s Bestiary: Toxicorans

Knights of Shadow

Tragallia the night hag wasn’t often found in her normal form, preferring instead to adopt the voluptuous form of a young human woman. But tonight, she was enjoying the freedom of being her genuine self. It was only a couple of hours before dawn and the small group of people gathered on this small hillock … Continue reading Knights of Shadow