A Realization of Hopes Reptilian

Syren the gold dragon was all but exhausted by the time she arrived at her destination. The previous day’s mayhem had seen both her beloved husband Burkhart, a gold dragon, and her closest friend Ella, a silver dragon, slain by the fearsome power of the Viceroy’s evil underlings. Even though they had been polymorphed in human form these two mighty beasts still enjoyed the defensive powers natural to their draconic nature and yet even that had not thwarted the attack. And now Syren was winging them to the Draconic Idyll where the rest of the dragons from the Archduchy of Maelonbourg and the Wenigzustand had already gathered.

Leopold the steel dragon had beaten Syren here only by a few hours. The two deep dragons, Jurgen and Yvellia, had been the first to arrive. Shortly after their arrival Grungaar the green dragon had flown in with Grendel the orc child on his back. They all began to form a circle around the idyll and once Syren had placed Burkhart and Ella on the ground they began to revert back to their dragon forms. The rest of the dragons began to close the circle and touching head to hip with the dragon in front of them they began to softly hum. Grendel went back and forth from Ella and Burkhart, and then walked the circle slowly keeping his hands on the dragons as he went. The living dragons started to fall asleep as their life energy seeped from their bodies and flowed into the corpses of Ella and Burkhart. Grendel slowed his pace as he too was beginning to ebb as energy was pulled from the living into the idyll and then back into those recently deceased.

Grendel finally collapsed near the idyll and slipped into a peaceful sleep. Ella and Burkhart were brought back to life, but they were asleep as well. The humming of the dragons subsided and was replaced with the slow, heavy breathing of the sleeping dragons and the wee orcish whelp. For just over a week they slumbered while they recovered their individual health. As was the way with dragons they had no idea what else was happening in the world. They did what dragons did best. They slept. And Grendel slept right along with them.