The flickering candles scarcely illuminated what seemed to be a shadowy, sinister cathedral. The pews were filled with wraith-like forms interspersed with what looked to be people cloaked in heavy, dark colored hooded robes. This was after all a somber and important occasion and all in attendance were cognizant of the weight this moment carried. … Continue reading Abattoir

The Carriage

The Herzgraf of Slothjemia, Shr Archibald Speedblade II, rarely travelled by any means other than the black dragon unless it was to visit foreign states. His black dragon was named Grizzilla, and she was the most revered of all of her kind in Slothjemia's arsenal. The Herzgraf was extraordinarily fond of Grizzilla and it was … Continue reading The Carriage

Lies Become Truth

The court of the Supreme Pontiff was almost always in session in the Divine Hall. Representatives from all across the Fourth Imperium gathered here to seek an audience with Callidus Magna, or at least to be present when his divinely appointed edicts were issued. Every word spoken by the smiling pontiff in the immaculate white … Continue reading Lies Become Truth