Torgo (Part 4)

In a flash of inspiration the Witch Queen realized that this loathsome creature in the cage before her had presented her with a viable theory regarding her stolen statue. While all of the evidence pointed to the pirate known as Captain Brass Sabre and his crew it was entirely possible that somebody else had pulled the caper and cleverly framed this despicable band of murderous scum to take the fall for it. And the Witch Queen had happily fallen for the bait, utterly destroying Captain Sabre’s ship the Blue Skull and massacring most of his crew. Now this Torgo fellow had given her a new culprit to hunt down. Divo Zucco. The Witch Queen had never heard of this man although the name of his ship, the Queen Myrtle, had come up a few times in connection to her missing statue. She would have to find out more.

Using her magic to once again restore the illusion of her being a beautiful woman, the Witch Queen turned and addressed her inquisitors that had been waiting along the walls of the torture chamber. “Take this prisoner to a secure cell. He is to be bothered no further while I verify his theory. Do not add to his obvious discomfort until I give you leave to do so.”

While this was not the customary sort of instruction to be given to these undead minions that fed on the misery that they inflicted, the inquisitors knew better than to grouse about it or to disobey the will of their mistress. As the Witch Queen left the torture chamber and made her way up through the dungeons to her palace above the gibbering inquisitors removed Torgo from the small cage he was in and carried him to a proper jail cell elsewhere in the labyrinth. Torgo’s injuries were so severe that the man passed out from the pain of merely being moved.

The Witch Queen had bigger things on her mind than the suffering of one mortal wretch. Divination had never been her forte, and now she needed somebody to do some serious scrying to locate this Divo Zucco. Her anger simmered as her mind raced from one possibility to the next. Her fury had wrecked one ship and killed dozens of men. Now she was even angrier. Woe be unto anyone that might have taken up with this Captain Zucco. She would make Torgo’s experience seem like a stroll in the park in comparison.