The Lambs

The dreadfully dark and monstrous cathedral rose from a city that was as curiously devoid of color as it was the vibrancy of life. The shadowy metropolis resembled the Fanolanian capital of Avondace in the general sense of how it was designed and built, and yet it had none of the glittery grandeur that the … Continue reading The Lambs

Trouble at Sea

The terrifying warship known all across the Forzarrean Sea as the Soul Razer cut through the sparkling deep blue waters like a flame through butter. It was the center of a crescent formation of warships all under the command of the Dread Admiral, one of the liches of the Diosian Lodge and the loyal vassal … Continue reading Trouble at Sea

The Champion

Garstynnia the night hag entered the private chambers of Lord Verrat and as the doors closed behind her as if by an unseen force, she surveyed the scene before her. Lord Verrat himself sat in a high-backed dark oak chair with his foot up on a stool so that one of his servants could polish … Continue reading The Champion