The Black Marbles

Among the dubious umbrella term of "organized criminal" elements none are as widely spread across the continent of Partum as the Black Marbles. Commonly thought to exist only in the lands and realms surrounding the Forzarrean Sea, it is well known among authorities in these areas that the Black Marbles are more scattered, and perhaps … Continue reading The Black Marbles

The Purging of Dhesabro

High Priestess Chironsa, the undisputed ruler of Umru Zashrah, was almost always in a foul mood. Today she was in an even more tempestuous state of mind. One of the highest-ranking matriarchs of the House of Khenvra’Borga had gone missing from her exiled location in the backwater settlement of Dhesabro. Chironsa suspected that her disappearance … Continue reading The Purging of Dhesabro


In the Holy Imperium Church there is a strict hierarchy of leadership that has been respected by all of its members for over a thousand years. At the top sits the Supreme Pontiff, a role held by the mysterious and seemingly all-powerful Callidus Magna who has recently combined this job with that of the Imperator … Continue reading Principales