The Newlywed Nap under the Brohka Tree

A year or so ago following their wedding in the City of Bozageest the Duke of Condamner, Tubicus Aurelius, and his lovely bride Lucinda traveled down to Resurrection and on the way stopped to have a rest beneath the famous Brohka tree. The Brohka tree was the remnant of an orcish shaman who passed from extreme old age to becoming a beautifully gnarled oak tree on a small hillock in the heart of the Duchy of Oublier. This scenic but otherwise innocuous tree had a unique trait that rapidly earned it a reputation for being a destination for pilgrims seeking insight into their futures. When people slept beneath the Brohka tree the spirit of the shaman inhabiting it would sometimes grant them visions that foretold possible outcomes for them.

It would be a mistake to think that the Duke of Condamner wasn’t keen to know what the future held in store for him and his wife. Despite being a man of faith and one of the realm’s most reknowned paladins the lord of Condamner was nearly always concerned about what awaited just over the horizon. There wasn’t much about life being filled with surprises that Tubicus enjoyed or even appreciated. Some might chalk it up to his faith being a bit shaky, but it was more closely related to his military background and wanting to be prepared for any contingency. Lucinda was simply pleased to be doing something this wonderfully unusual in what was shaping up to be a terrifically odd marriage. The goggles that her husband had given her defended her eyes from the sun she was so unaccustomed to, but there was a gleam tucked away in there as she smiled.

Thus the two newlyweds leaned themselves up against the Brohka tree and began to nap. It wasn’t long before they drifted off to a peaceful slumber. The magic of the enchanted tree descended on them and the Duke of Condamner had the following dream:

He saw Lucinda as she will appear in some 50 years. She still has on her goggles and is wearing a great sun hat made of straw, and it looks as though the two of them are out on a rooftop garden of some sort. There are bountiful and exotic plants all about in ornate matching pots. The sky is clear, with huge puffy white clouds meandering slowly by. All around in this garden are younger people that seem vaguely familiar to the Duke and yet he hasn’t met them. There are children here too, ranging in age from toddlers to tweens. Everyone is happy and laughing, and he can hear faint music wafting from down below whatever rooftop you are on. A young goblin dressed in a fine suit of clothing stands near to him with his hands clasped behind his back, and he has an almost noble bearing about him. Dream version of Lucinda takes the Duke’s hand in hers, and inbetween laughs says, “Did you hear that, darling?” then she looks to one of the younger people and says, “Tell father that again, dear. I think he might have missed it.”

Upon awakening, the two lovebirds resumed their journey to the capital. The Duke of Condamner had enjoyed the revelation far more than he thought he might.