A Family Meal

Every family will typically have a routine that is either daily or weekly wherein they gather together for dinner. This was certainly true in the von Slothjem household, which while it most definitively was not just any run-of-the-mill family nevertheless kept to its own traditions. One of those most closely treasured by the family was … Continue reading A Family Meal

RSV Shadowborn

The Slothjemian spelljamming ship called the Shadowborn was a clean, fast, and dangerous vessel. She had served in combat against a number of opponents, most recently during the illithid incursions, somewhat ironic because the Shadowborn itself was originally an illithid warship. In recent years the Shadowborn was increasingly used to serve as a sort of … Continue reading RSV Shadowborn


Tragallia, also known around Renatus as "Gilla", was having a difficult time sorting out what all she had missed out on in the last ten months. Being sent back to her native realm of the Gray Wastes was bad enough, but when she was finally able to return she discovered a lot had happened in … Continue reading Foreboding

The Planning

Drndyllyn the Wyld wasn't feeling so much wild as she was easily irritated. As the Duchess of Oublier the almost legendary half-orc warrior had spent her life fighting evil monsters and building a reputation as a tough, "take no crap" kind of woman. All around her had always been petty men trying to upstage her … Continue reading The Planning