Notable NPCs; Drndyllyn the Wyld

One of the few half-orcs that has established a reputation for herself in the western edge of the Wenigzustand in a positive way, Drndyllyn is a fierce and dangerous woman by any measure. Self-taught in the martial arts and deeply suspicious of magic users, this barbarous warrior doesn’t take anybody’s nonsense.

Abandoned on the doorstep of the monastery of St. Leutfridas as an infant, nothing is known of Drndyllyn’s origin. She was a mere child when the Fanolanian monastic orphanage was raided and razed by orcs from Oublier. The marauding goblinoids took the child as one of their own in the aftermath of the assault, making her one of only two known survivors. But the orcs never treated her well, and Drndyllyn never forgave them for what they had done to the monks that had treated her with such kindness and compassion. Drndyllyn continued to live among the orcs in Bozageest and devoted herself to becoming the best warrior in the land.

She early on made friends with Brohka, the orcish shaman living in exile in Forêt Verte, and has a fonder attachment to him than she does to anyone else. Her only other companion is a trained vulture that she has named Virrn. Although she has been approached by many adventurous souls seeking either her assistance or her hand in marriage Drndyllyn has shown little interest in the former and zero interest in the latter. She prefers being difficult to find and when she does settle down it will only be to build a castle and attract an army so that she can be an even greater threat to those she despises.

While Drndyllyn has a reputation among the western portion of the Wenigzustand it is difficult to actually track her down. Without a firm base of operations it is almost entirely up to chance that anyone looking for her will actually find her. And be careful when you do. She is more likely to draw her sword than to ask any questions beforehand.