Continental Excursions; Forêt Verte

Just west of Chute de l’Ombre is the scenic but dangerous realm of Forêt Verte. With no settlements of any kind that outsiders are aware of, this massive, well-tended forest is home to a number of creatures, and few of them are benign. The most high-profile of these is a green dragon named Druuna which has been seen soaring above Forêt Verte and along its’ borders. That is reason enough to give the place a wide berth, and as such, there isn’t much known about the area.

There is a sizeable ruin in the heart of Forêt Verte, the ruins of an ancient city that has been reclaimed entirely by the forest. Once an outpost of the Third Imperium, it is unknown if anyone lives there, but it would be unwise to suggest that the place is wholly deserted. There are reports of bullywugs in some parts of Forêt Verte, but they are not much of a cohesive force. The true ruler of this land is Druuna.

Unlike the tangled mess of plant growth that defines Chute de l’Ombre, Forêt Verte is a well-tended, almost meticulously maintained woodland. There is at least one shaman that helps maintain the ecological balance of the area, and there is rumored to be a druid here, as well. The overall feeling that Forêt Verte gives its’ visitors is one of uneasy harmony. The picturesque landscape hides a deeply buried sentiment of hostility, a disturbance that defies logical understanding. More than one Fanolanian hunter has returned with the attitude that “something just doesn’t feel right.” Should Fanolania ever wish to expand across the Marruse, it is likely that it will begin here. Only time can tell for sure.

A group of Fanolanian adventurers, beginning to be known across the Wenigzustand as “the Troublemakers”, appeared to have succeeded in slaying Druuna and in the process spirited away the resident Shaman from Forêt Verte to safe haven in Chute de l’Ombre. But as luck would have it the lich known as the Viceroy showed up and chased them off before the kill could be confirmed. Before long there was again sighting of a green dragon soaring over Forêt Verte. Whether or not the lich somehow revived the crippled monster or somehow resurrected her into an even more powerful undead creature, a dracolich, has yet to be determined. Whatever the case she is now being hailed as Untote Druuna and seems to be even crankier than she was before. Rumors persist that the Viceroy is sending her undead minions to serve in her growing army of unsettled evil. To what end this is headed is anybody’s guess.

11/26/21 Update: Untote Druuna was successfully driven out of Forêt Verte and in the process the realm was claimed by the Archduke of Maelonbourg and the Wenigzustand as part of his domain. Rumor has it that the new local authority will be a druid named Esma, a woman of Torkan descent who has settled in as part of the “Troublemakers” who are getting more and more well known as a potent destroyer of the status quo. What plans she might have for Forêt Verte are still under consideration.