Continental Excursions; Oublier

North of Forêt Verte and Chute de l’Ombre is the fetid and defiled land of Oublier, a wretched and hostile place formerly ruled by orcs. Unlike Slothjemia, that managed to adjust to doing things the way that humans do, the orcs of Oublier did things the way orcs have always done them; with violence, avarice, and strength. They finally met their match though after a number of battles with individuals the orcs termed “Agents of the Green King” and their allies. Using the forces of two Slothjemian mercenary armies the Fanolanian nobles that had begun rebuilding Maelonbourg launched an invasion of Oublier and in quick order subjugated the entire realm.

Where the orcs came from is anybody’s guess, but once they settled in Oublier they set about making it their own. Without any neighbors strong enough to stop them, the orcs built a towering city on the once fertile plains in the heart of their domain. Calling it Bozageest, it was a haven of all manner of obscene behavior. Unsavory people went there to buy and sell slaves, stolen goods, or to just revel in the atmosphere of “might makes right” that the orcs thrived in. Now the city is under the control of the Archduke of Maelonbourg and the Wenigzustand and has become a major base of operations for armies under the command of the nations that are members of the Council of Schönbrunn.

Oublier is still a decent enough place to raise crops, even though the land has been steadily in decline since the orcs took over. Unaccustomed to agriculture themselves, the orcs used slaves to raise their food. Most of these unfortunate souls had been brought in from provinces northwest of Oublier, and consist whenever possible of halflings. When the orcs were not raiding for slaves, they were arranging for other people to do it for them. The entire economy hinged on the thousands of slaves that produce the region’s food. Now the former slaves have been given control over these same estates while the bulk of the former orc lords and their families have accepted the offer of the Slothjemians to be relocated elsewhere in Partum far from their former interests in Oublier.

The forges and factories of Bozageest filled the sky above Oublier with dark, toxic smoke. Folks concerned with the health of the forests nearby to Oublier kept a wary eye on what happened in the orcish province. Respecting only power, it took quite a punch to get their attention. They respected the green dragon that lurks in Forêt Verte, and had a healthy fear of the Marquis of Chute de l’Ombre, and of course their downfall was warring against the adventurers that govern Maelonbourg. The lands have already begun to heal from the defilement of the goblinoids and it won’t be long before the natural way of things begins to take root once more. There just aren’t enough druids to help speed that process along.

12/13/20 Update: Oublier is now one of the duchies under the control of the Archduke of Maelonbourg and the Wenigzustand and is directly overseen by Duchess Drndyllyn the Wyld. Many of the orcs that were native to Oublier before the Archduke took over were shipped to Slothjemia’s newly acquired lands in what used to be Vincasikilia to begin life anew. Of those that chose to stay behind there were equal numbers that have taken to rebuild Bozageest or to revive the agricultural industry in Oublier. Some smaller settlements have sprung up in the duchy such as the town of Midway Meadows in the barony of Tanglepond. People from all over have also begun to settle in Oublier and this includes gnomes from Chute de l’Ombre, humans from Limbourg and Weintäler, and even a smattering of elves from Fanolania. Tensions remain high with neighbors Lotharingia, Condamner, and Forêt Verte as these lands have fallen under the sway of the Green King.