Continental Excursions; Condamner

Located just north of Forêt Verte is the sinister and darkly foreboding realm of Condamner, an eerily calm land with plenty of settlements and just as much unsettled horror. It is ruled by a mysterious figure known only as le Duc, as aloof as he is cryptic. He taxes his people, but not unduly. He controls virtually none of the industry and trade of his realm, and yet maintains an extensive network of police that inform on his people’s every move. He has no standing army, and has never had need of it, a curious fact when one considers that his neighbor to the south east is the orcish wasteland of Oublier. There is a thriving slave trade that operates out of Condamner that keeps the orcs well stocked with forced labor and in return the orcs seem to view Condamner as a place off-limits to them. There has never been one recorded instance of the orcs even setting foot in Condamner, nor has any other invader ever menaced the rugged, diverse landscape.

Southern Condamner is heavily forested and filled with low mountains, rich in minerals and active with all manner of resource extraction. There are a number of small villages here, as well as a mid-sized city, Vawer, known for it’s factories and store houses. Northwest Condamner is home to the capital, the city of Xubrelle, where le Duc maintains a palace. In Northeast Condamner is the city of Vuelen, an agricultural center and home to le Duc’s main residence, a formidable castle built more for appearances than defense. One of the most heavily populated of the Wenigzustand, Condamner’s merchants and tradesmen would love to engage in trade with Fanolania, but they have few viable routes for such commerce. The best way to open up such an endeavor will be to placate or subdue the hazards of Forêt Verte. It is unknown what position le Duc has on this idea, or if he even cares.

11/26/21 Update: Since the coup led by the state police and some of the nobles of Condamner there have been a number of changes. The largest of these changes is that Le Duc has been destroyed, and his place has been taken by, of all things, a paladin. You can look up the phrase “Culture Shock” and this entire episode will be given as a prime example.