The Aelerfyne Invitation

To our long estranged family, separated by ancient feuds, and in conflict driven from each other beneath the earth.

It is the will of Carloman, King of Fanolania, that in a spirit of reconciliation, hospitality be extended to all that heed the Call of Arborea.

In recognition that the pathways of times clouded in eons long past have made the journey difficult, if not impossible, then let this be a guide.

Where the stars shine is where the ships embark. Use these celestial markers, and your ancients will be given safe passage to the harbor.

May this be our first step towards reunion, as all Elves share a strength of body, and soul, and it is our destiny to dwell alongside one another in Arborea. To this end let us care for our elders, and in time, care for one another, here and beyond.

It was this compassionate gesture on behalf of a King intent on reconciliation that created a rift between the will of the monarch and the Church of Fanolania. The leadership of the Church was opposed to allowing the drow to have access to the Ciel Lie ships, that ferry elves from this world to the next as they heed the call of Arborea. Such amenities, the Church feels, are reserved for those that have been faithful to God throughout their lives, and not to be squandered on the heretics and pagans who were forced into banishment in the underdark. King Carloman, though, had a softer heart for those that were trapped without access to their birthright to Arborea. Therefore, he ordered the creation of seven tapestries, magical items imbued with his invitation and all of the information the sundered elves would need to find their way to the sacred and holy port city of Havre d’Anges in the northeast of Fanolania. When taken into the underdark, the tapestries would change from their innocuous appearance as mere artworks, to reveal their true nature.
King Carloman ordered the seven tapestries to be taken to the known entrances of the underdark on the continent. But the Church conspired to foil this plan, and dispatched their own paladins and clerics to intercept and destroy the tapestries. One by one they succeeded, but they found that destroying the tapestries was becoming more and more difficult with each one that was annihilated. The magic that was bound within them became stronger and stronger as they became fewer in number, and then, the seventh and final tapestry went missing altogether. The humans that for the most part oversaw the Church went to great lengths to continue the search, and generations of holy warriors and their allies sought the missing tapestry, but to no avail. It was hidden in plain sight, in a small town along the eastern border of the country, and only the knowledge of a craven elven thief would allow the drow to learn of it’s existence. From there, events were set in motion, and in due time, albeit long overdue, the dark elves would receive King Carloman’s noble invitation, and their elders can at last begin their homeward trek.