Gaming Goals Galore

Dungeons & Dragons is an odd game by any metric, but one of the most fascinating aspects of the game is how many goals there are. Unlike Monopoly, which has a clear ending and a winner, D&D is nothing but a string of new goals, and a nearly never-ending story with characters that grow, become more powerful, and find unique and hilarious ways to implode the plotlines. It is pure delight for folks that love a good book series, and eschew the notion that there is a final chapter to be read.

The way the campaigns run, there is a story running that has one or two goals for the players to achieve, and then they are provided with even more goals to tackle. That is the job of the Game Master, to come up with these “scripted” milestones. But far more entertaining are the goals that the players themselves come up with. A warrior might try to carve a small realm out for themselves, building a castle, and developing an unhealthy interest in clock making. Wizards might try and tame a magical critter, or design a bridge to cross an otherwise impassable river. A rogue might take up peddling stolen gems, and develop their own criminal syndicate. A cleric might set upon vanquishing a nearby vampire, and turning their ruined castle into a little shrine with a coffee shop and bistro. So many possibilities.

Weaving all of this into a game is a lot of fun, and if players are creative enough, their personal goals can become major plot points for everyone else, too. The only limit is what the GM will allow, and that can provide a lot of leeway. Sometimes a player knows right away what they want their characters to do, and other times it might take awhile to develop. But a player that dreams big is always going to have more fun than somebody that just shows up to eat free Cheetos.

By the way, we’re out of Cheetos.