Infamous Villains: the Viceroy

The Diosian Lodge is hardly the terrifying powerhouse of political and military intrigue that it was immediately following the fall of the last Imperium, and yet it does find ways to meddle in the affairs of it’s neighbors, and even more distant states. Rarely is this manifested by one of the lich lords themselves, or even their minions, but on special occasions the Lodge does lash out to remind everyone else that the unholy confederation of undead sorcerers is still a going concern. And when they do, it is more often than not the Viceroy that they dispatch to unleash the carnage.

His true name is lost to the ages, and long ago his lands were wrested from his control by the might and righteous fury of Geldenreich. The Viceroy now serves as the roaming envoy for the Diosian Lodge, going wherever he is needed by the more powerful members of the confederation. He is frequently viewed by his peers as their lesser, a full member of the Lodge and yet not as fierce nor as formidable. Certainly being always on the move without a place to call home does make the Viceroy more vulnerable, but it would be a dire mistake to think that he was anything less than a force to be reckoned with. It has been speculated that not having as many earthly ties has made the Viceroy even more dangerous, because he has less to lose whatever the outcome of his choices. Whenever the Viceroy is tasked to aid one of the Diosian Lodge’s rare allies, he brings with him the fury and full-blown horror of a lich unleashed. Any other lich would take certain precautions, but the Viceroy strikes with full energy and vigor every time.

Anyone faced with the Viceroy would do well to consider retreat as a viable option. His personal sigil is a hand wreathed in flame, and when used on official documents or in artwork, the flames are always green and yellow. The Viceroy has been sighted numerous times in Forêt Verte and Maelonbourg (one smart aleck even went so far as to make a mock Viceroy to stand in some ruins in the north of Maelonbourg to scare away the orcs) as well as one particularly memorable visit to Fanolania. This marks the most activity the Viceroy has engaged in for a generation or more and has given the Council of Schönbrunn reason for considerable concern. Since the Diosian Lodge normally dispatches the Viceroy to do quick errands on their behalf this longer-term engagement indicates that either the liches are up to something grander in design than their normal shenanigans or else the Viceroy is branching out on his own. Whichever is true the people that stand in the way of the Viceroy had best prepare for a tough fight.

12/13/20 Update: Taking on a new title as the Green King, the Viceroy has taken on an uncharacteristically oversized role in meddling in the affairs of mortals. Using a growing network of minions and henchmen the Green King now controls or at the bare minimum strongly influences the realms of Forêt Verte, Condamner, Escaut, Lotharingia, Sachsen, and Söldnerland. A number of outside observers have noted that the disruption caused by the Green King is every bit as profound as that caused by the Troublemakers themselves.