An Act of Unspeakable and Unprovoked Evil (less than 20 minutes of pure carnage)

The old adage that runs “an ancient evil long forgotten can prove to be the most disastrous” was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt when the Diosian Lodge reached out from their fetid, unholy realm and struck a blow against Fanolania through the horrific power of one of their own, the Viceroy, as he ran amok in the royal palace of Maison de l’Iris. Once the unrivaled home of the Fanolanian Royal Family, this was indisputably the most magnificent and opulent chateau anywhere in the continent. Done in the elvish baroque style, it was the centerpiece of the entire kingdom. Readers will note the many uses of the past tense in this paragraph. “Used to be” is the theme.

Without even the slightest warning the Viceroy began his attack from the air above the palace, smashing through the glorious stained-glass dome over the grand entry hall. Bathed in his signature green and yellow flames, the accursed lich set to destroying everything and everyone in sight. The elite musketeers were scattered as ashes in the wind, or turned to hallowed husks of charred flesh and brittle bone as they responded to the Viceroy’s assault. Household servants just going about their business fell victim to the life draining terror of the undead wizard’s blasphemous necromancy, and even as they fell in death they were brought back as undead minions to spread the chaos and fear that the Viceroy brought. The King’s Chaplain was struck down as he attempted to turn the lich, and beside him the Royal Sorcerer was vaporized in a cloud of powdery ash. The green and yellow flames caught hold of every surface, even stone and metal, and began to burn with terrifying intensity. For a mile in every direction, all plant and vegetable life withered and collapsed in instant, dreadful decay. If the Diosian Lodge had wanted to make a statement, they succeeded beyond anyone’s darkest imagination.

What that statement might be, however, is a matter of wild speculation. Fanolania has no shared borders with the Diosian lich lords, and their only friction has ever been adventurers from the fair land of elves and men that have teamed up to take on minions of the foul undead. A larger vendetta has always been reserved for Geldenreich and Slothjemia, but therein perhaps is a key to why the Viceroy lashed out so violently against Fanolania. Not being as prepared for such an attack made the Fanolanians uniquely vulnerable, whereas highly placed people of power in Slothjemia and Geldenreich have long been braced for just such a large-scale atrocity.

The end result is the same whatever the presumed goal of the Diosians; the country home of King Carloman is a smoldering ruin surrounded by unnaturally devastated gardens and landscape. The royal family itself escaped any serious harm, thanks to their protective wards that were unwisely absent for the rest of the property. A good many personal belongings were also salvaged despite the ceaseless attacks being made by the Viceroy’s newly created undead soldiers, although the largest treasures were lost in the green and yellow fires. Graveyards far from the palace grounds were disrupted, and for many miles around the soldiers of the king and armed citizens did their best to subdue the vicious and insatiable bloodlust of the undead. While the contagion doesn’t appear to be spreading, it would be unwise to assume too much. After all, nobody is really sure what in the heck even happened.