Continental Excursions: Söldnerland

Situated in the heart of the Wenigzustand is the heavily populated and vibrant nation of Söldnerland. Since the beginning of recorded history in Partum this has been the place to go for one thing and only one thing: soldiers. Söldnerland prides itself on producing the finest mercenaries in central Partum and has done so for thousands of years. As the Third Imperium grew to its fullest extent and required more and more troops to defend its far-flung holdings it was the people of Söldnerland that, for a hefty price, filled the ranks of the legions and kept the Imperium from falling for centuries.

Söldnerland has six neighbors. Starting in the north and moving clockwise these little states are Sachsen, Grünherze, Kastallia, Schwartzwalden, Weintäler, and Lotharingia. Unlike most countries near to Lotharingia, Söldnerland doesn’t suffer as much from the annual raids and invasions of the Fallen Knights. When the knights do raid they tend to make off with children that they can then raise as their own to become soldiers for Lotharingia. Even at early stages in life the people of Söldnerland are well suited to martial life.

Soldnerland FlagThe ruler of Söldnerland is the Count of the house of Margraven. It is with this individual that prospective employers will need to negotiate with to arrange the hiring of his citizens to become mercenaries elsewhere. The sheer number of available manpower is impressive by any measure. Life in Söldnerland is relatively spartan and quite harsh so the men and women that opt to settle someplace else even if temporarily do so not just for the money but also for a chance to enjoy some of the finer things in life that aren’t available in their native land.

The biggest customer for hired troops is the state of Wientäler. The lords of these fertile hills famous for fine wine need as many soldiers as they can get to prevent the orcs of Oublier and the Fallen Knights of Lotharingia from running rampant and ruining the economy of the vineyards or conquering them outright. Other customers include the banking houses of Ange Déchu and the nobles from states further east. There isn’t any evidence to suggest that the soldiers that originate in Söldnerland care one way or another who or what they fight for as long as the gold keeps coming. Unlike other states that hire out their troops, such as Slothjemia, the people of Söldnerland don’t especially enjoy fighting as much as they accept the fact they are quite good at it when it is necessary. Nothing else they do amounts to much and anything other than the warriors made in Söldnerland can be considered sub-standard. As the old saying goes, “Buy the warrior from Söldnerland and his sword from Helvetica.”