Continental Excursions; Ange Déchu

Our ongoing look at the Northwestern portion of the Wenigzustand now turns it’s attention to the vibrant, and surprisingly metropolitan, province of Ange Déchu. Located north of Condamner, and home to the great port city of Trésor, a main entry point for good to and from the Wenigzustand via oceangoing vessels from all over the continent, Ange Déchu is wealthy almost beyond measure. Able to hire the finest mercenaries, and more than capable of negotiating with any and all external threats, the only long-term problem that Ange Déchu has is petty infighting among the oligarchs that run the various merchant houses of Trésor. While not as violent as the fights that take place between merchant houses in Forkanza, the squabbles sometimes result in bloodshed. The merchant house that manages to dominate Trésor’s banking and commerce becomes the de facto ruler of the city, and by extension, the rest of Ange Déchu.

Currently that role is held by Lady Ailé of the Borenhaas banking family. Rising from obscurity within this clan, Lady Ailé is reputed to use any and all necessary means to keep her own organization in line, and even more so if there are rivals to her authority in other groups. Mixing her cunning intelligence with a horrifyingly deep understanding of how to best use fear as a motivator, Lady Ailé is a force to be reckoned with well beyond the borders of Ange Déchu. She seems to have an almost irrational hatred of the Oublier orcs and the foul forces that rule Maelonbourg, but they are too far removed for her to attack directly. Instead, she corrupts as much as she can the efforts of these foes to cause them to fail. While there are many that would find her a fine ally in these endeavors, she has neither sought them out, nor gone to any lengths to welcome their assistance.

The fertile lands surrounding the city of Trésor are among the finest farmlands in the Wenigzustand. Crops and livestock raised here are able to feed Ange Déchu’s population entirely, with a healthy amount left over for sale to other provinces, or stockpiling for future use in Ange Déchu. Most of the people that live here are humans, with a few elves and a fair number of halflings mixed in for good measure. There are also a number of gnomish jewelers and gemcutters in residence in Trésor, too, earning the city a reputation as one of the hubs of the continent’s precious stone trade. The fees they charge, however, can prove disappointing to those looking for a good deal for selling minerals in the city.