Continental Excursions; Mort-Vivant

West of Forêt Verte is the oddly anarchic realm of Mort-Vivant, a place with no clear ruler, and a penchant for minding their own business. The southern and eastern portions are heavily forested, and the rest of the domain is a rolling landscape filled with farms. Those that tend these fields live in impressive fortified manors, to fend off attacks from brigands and invaders. The owners of these farms call themselves barons, but they serve no lord and owe allegiance only to their whims. They speak Fanolanian, and have been known to trade with Fanolania as well as their neighbors in the Wenigzustand.

There is only one actual town in Mort-Vivant, the city of Charleroi, near the eastern border with Forêt Verte. It is a surprisingly well-defended place, with a sizeable garrison of humans sworn to keep the place secure. A smaller, more treacherous town is the outlaw commune of Trenglin in the far northwest corner of Mort-Vivant. Criminals from all over the northeastern portion of the Wenigzustand gather here, to sell stolen goods, arrange heists, and hide from law enforcement and bounty hunters from other domains. In the center of Mort-Vivant are the sprawling ruins of the ancient provincial capital of Hainut. This place is believed to be cursed, and if not that, then it is certainly haunted. And should these fail to pan out, then the place is just a miserable pothole of history. Only the boldest souls venture anywhere near Hainut, and then only to pilfer bricks from the outlying buildings.

In ages past, this domain was the hub of traffic over the Marruse River. Ferries plied the waters and linked Fanolania to the rest of the Imperium as it tried, unsuccessfully, to spread further north and east. Hainut was one of the largest of the Imperium’s cities, and it’s precipitous fall into ruin was remarkable considering how close it was to Fanolania, when other of the Imperium’s outposts, much further afield, didn’t suffer anywhere near as badly. Speculation among historians is that the monsters of the forests were able to strike in strength at Hainut, but they were not able to do so elsewhere as easily. Whatever the case, Mort-Vivant is a mere shadow of it’s previous glory, and there is no evidence of that changing anytime soon.