Continental Excursions; Kastallia

The Kingdom of Kastallia is a famously wealthy realm that is both the largest of the historical “Little States” known as the Wenigzustand, the wealthiest in terms of mineral resources, and in terms of population per square mile one of the most sparsely occupied. In order to keep control over this large, rugged country the kings of Kastallia have always depended on heavily fortified and well-placed castles. This is where the name of the land itself came from. These fortifications in some cases predated even the Third Imperium as it struggled to conquer more and more of Partum. This land was too daunting, however, and never fell under the political sway of the Third Imperium although they did embrace the Holy Imperium Church once the political empire of the Forkanzans crumbled.

Kastallia is ruled by King Ludwig Arness the Mad, a functionally insane man who believes that the castles he builds are somehow tied to his soul and permit him to live for as long as they stand. This naturally makes him focus primarily on large scale construction projects such as the castles themselves, roads and bridges to allow the transport of construction materials and digging up all of the valuable stones and rocks he can find in order to strengthen it all. Trade is robust between Kastallia and its southern and eastern neighbor, Geldenreich. This realm is also on good terms with Schwartzwald to the west, with whom there is plenty of rivalry in building fortresses, and Söldnerland to the northwest despite the fact that Kastallia has never had need of mercenaries. Directly north of Kastallia is the country of Grünherze and in the northeast there is a short border with the state of Meissen.

While on good terms with its neighbors it wouldn’t be fair to say that Kastallia is completely safe from foreign and domestic intrigue. Geldenreich has always viewed Kastallia with wary suspicion due to its religious ties to the Holy Imperium Church. Schwartzwald would love to knock down a few of the more impressive castles in Kastallia, and there are a number of criminal groups such as highwaymen and goblinoids that roam the towering mountains to prey on the goods being mined and shipped to the cities of Kastallia. King Ludwig is always on the lookout for bold adventurers who can help deal with these issues so that he doesn’t get distracted from his precious architectural endeavors. Some of these intrepid thrill seekers earn titles to existing castles dotted around Kastallia with such work, or deeds to land upon which they can build their own impressive strongholds.