Continental Excursions; Limbourg

Limbourg is a heavily embattled territory that has no governing authority and has for decades been a battleground for the orcs of Oublier in the south and the armies of Ange Déchu in the north. To the west is the country of Condamner, and they are perhaps an even worse neighbor than the orcs. In the northeast and east are more sympathetic states, but other than giving the natives of Limbourg someplace safe to flee they haven’t been a tremendous amount of help.

Limbourg had once had a ruler, Duke Adrien Veekler of Lim. But the Duke was incompetent in matters of war and caught between the bankers and the orcs his family and his government were wiped out. Pockets of security dot the landscape in the form of impressive castles and fortified towns though these are largely self-contained fiefdoms with few ties to the outside world. The language spoken throughout Limbourg is a mixture of Fanolanian and Geldenspeak. Trade of any significant scale is all but impossible in this place that is all but overrun by highwaymen, mercenaries, and rampaging orcs.

The result of so much instability has made Limbourgers wary of outsiders and likewise made outsiders wary of Limbourgers. The only commodity that Limbourg exports other than sorrow is a foul smelling cheese that is made from goat’s milk. The odor makes it impossible to smuggle (as if such a need existed) but it has been used to prevent other scents from being detected. It is a potent food indeed and should only be considered as a last result. The nearly constant conflict and discord that permeates Limbourg seems to have turned the plantlife here into violently aggressive specimens, too. Choking vines, flowers that shoot poisoned needles, and trees that seem to have as much mobility and hostile intent as the most ill-reputed outlaw abound everywhere. Only the hardiest animals can survive on their own here and a fair number of outright monsters can be found lurking here waiting for prey to stumble past. Like its cheese Limbourg’s wilderness areas are not for the faint of heart.

12/19/20 Update: Without anyone to really deter him, Limbourg was absorbed by Archduke Kovak into the realm of Maelonbourg and the Wenigzustand. The wilderness was mostly subdued by Haciathra and what she didn’t accomplish the Troublemakers themselves will likely have to tackle. Limbourg has been divided into two baronies, one of which is going to be largely dark elven in nature thanks to the large number of sundered drow elves that have emigrated here from Chute de l’Ombre. There continues to be a great deal of mystery in Limbourg and the light of truth doesn’t shine very brightly here.