Lord Prosecutor; Keeper of Accusations

Although the title and rank sound terrifying, this position is one of the least powerful of the Royal Bureaucratic Council. Until law enforcement brings them somebody to accuse in court, they have little to do. And once they finish their arguments in favor of whatever punishment they are seeking, the magistrate takes over for sentencing, and again, they are left with little to do. About all they have is a passion for the law, and trying to find creative ways to plug any loopholes they encounter.

Which is why prosecutors at all levels within the judicial system maintain active private law practices. This spills over to providing legal advice to folks that need it, for a fee, of course. And while no prosecutor would ever step on the toes of another by helping to defend an accused criminal in court, they are certainly able to give adequate advice so that anyone trying to wage such a defense will do better than somebody not as well prepared.

About the only thing a prosecutor can do to curry favor and win influence, is to seek lesser penalties for somebody that can make it worth their while further down the road. This must be done with extraordinary caution, however. Any hint of corruption tends to draw attention from people in the realm that wield real power, and are not afraid to use it, like an ogre uses a club to bludgeon it’s foes. The smart move is to seek approval from higher powers before seeking to alleviate the suffering of anyone accused of a crime.