Recalculating Route

One of the most enduring, and seldom explored mysteries, within Dungeons and Dragons is “where do all of the elves go when they get old?” Considering that players will explore damn near everything that happens in a game, from what might be lurking in the bottom of a village well to how to reverse a werewolf’s curse, it remains a perplexion as to why they would not be pondering what happens to the elves.

When Tolkien wrote his books, arguably the basis for all things D&D, he left the mystery of the elves unanswered for the most part. They sailed west, and while their destination wasn’t exactly a secret (it is mentioned a number of times in detail), non-elves seemed curiously uninterested. This flies in the face of how curiousity functions, but ok.

The world in which Slothjemia exists has elves, and they, too, leave their homes when they get well beyond a thousand years old. And while no players have ever stopped to wonder where they go, that doesn’t mean that they don’t. Elves on the same continent as Slothjemia travel to Lenwe-Ondahor, one of the holiest places anywhere in that world. Once there, the elves await the arrival of the ships that then carry them further along their trip. And where is that?

Play and find out.