Lord High Inquisitor; Keeper of the Fear

Nobody in the Royal Bureaucratic Council is as openly feared as much as the Lord High Inquisitor. Their jurisdiction oversees all members of the realm’s village, town, and city police forces via the Office of Urban Constabulary, as well as the Office of Interior Investigations, the official “state police” of Slothjemia. As has been noted before, Slothjemia has a reputation for being a military powerhouse, but the true source of her strength is her law enforcement. When people from many different locations, and cultures, try to coexist it is the steady discipline of law that keeps things running smoothly.

Ensuring that things remain calm, the Lord High Inquisitor keeps a strong presence on the streets of every Slothjemian city and town. The patrols of the constabulary are the most visible source of this, but the Interior Investigators are always listening and watching from the shadows. Using a complex web of informants, the secretive and terrifying Interior Investigators operate with a stunning amount of freedom, and unless some other office asserts jurisdiction, they have almost unfettered access to anyone within the realm’s borders. For those that flee the country, the Interior Investigators will reluctantly turn for help to their distant cousins in the Office of External Investigations. One of the few times that these two powerful entities cooperate, the agents of the External Investigators will do whatever they can to lure the fleeing persona back into the jurisdiction of the Interior Investigators, and failing that, other, more extreme measures might be taken. It is not out of the realm of possibility to have the military brought in for additional assistance, too, especially for more prominent and dangerous individuals.

Note that the Lord High Inquisitor does not shape law, nor do they prosecute crimes. They simply collect information, and apprehend lawbreakers. Anything else is a problem for some other agency. All the Lord High Inquisitor must do, is make sure that their minions did their job thoroughly.