Slothjemian Spelljammers; Dowarby-Class Scout Ship

The smallest and by far the most maneuverable of the Slothjemian native-built spelljammers is the nimble and quick Dowarby-class. Unable to carry any significant weaponry the 15-ton vessels are almost entirely all sail when viewed from a distance. They have a collapsible “dragon-wing” style ventral sail that hangs straight down from the keel, two pectoral sails (also collapsible) mounted along the water line, and both a main sail on the main deck and a mizzen sail on the poop deck. Even the Elven Imperial Fleet thinks this is a ridiculous amount of maneuvering ability.

The Dowarby-class scouts are always commanded by the helmsman. The crew simply isn’t large enough for there to be another high-ranking officer aboard. The cargo hold (1) is small by any metric because the ship doesn’t need to carry much although what it does carry can bDowarby Classe hauled over great distances quickly. Forward of this is the galley (2) and pantry. Cooks aboard a Dowarby-class ship do double duty as regular crewmen. The only person on board not actively engaged in controlling the rigging is the helmsman. All crewmembers except the helmsman (and back-up helmsman if one is aboard) bunk in the general crew quarters (3). There is actually a fair amount of space because the roster is so small.

The main deck (4) is kept clear to allow the riggers to operate freely without any hindrances. In the small bridge (5) is the helm and a small bunk space for the helmsman and the back-up helmsman if one is aboard. There is a locker here for maps and charts as well, but as is the case elsewhere aboard a Dowarby-class vessel storage is limited and there is a certain amount of creativity involved in making sure everything fits. Above the bridge is the poop deck, a narrow little space that runs along the spine of the sloping rooftop of the bridge.

The primary directive of any Dowarby-class ship is to spot any enemy vessels before they get anywhere near the more formidable Slothjemian warships. With a maneuverability rating of “A” these craft have little trouble getting out of any trouble they might find themselves in. It is also a mistake to assume that just because they don’t mount any heavy weaponry that the assigned crew are helpless in a fight. Crewmembers of Dowarby-class ships are selected for their overall toughness and adaptability. They might have spellcasters beyond the helmsman, huntsmen, archer lords, or even psionicists. Whoever is encountered they will be heavily armed if not armored and more than willing to repel any attempt at boarding. There have been a few instances of these unarmed ships overtaking and out maneuvering more powerful opponents and ending up capturing the enemy vessels who had thought all along they had the upper hand.