There was nothing particularly notable about the Lieutenant Colonel, he seemed in most every way to be an utterly average orc. The army had been his career for his entire life, and while he was not a warrior by any means, there was nothing on his uniform to give away the fact that he was just a clerk with an eye for logistics. He could find whatever was needed, and get it delivered without issue. His glory was in being in the background.

He had never married, but it wasn’t right to say he just hadn’t found the right woman. He had found several, in fact, over the years. But settling down was appealing all in itself, settling down with somebody else just seemed bothersome. He had a cat, and it’s companionship proved more than adequate. He had several close friends, most of whom he worked with, and a few that he had grown to know in the course of his life as a bachelor; a wine merchant, the furniture dealer and their cousin the upholsterer, and some fellow that always struck up a conversation in the pub downstairs. Women were pleasant enough company, but the Lieutenant Colonel had learned early on that in things romantic, he was ill-suited. He left his lovers feeling as though they were virgins again, but only inasmuch as he left them feeling awkward, embarrassed, and deeply disappointed in the experience.

To adjust for this, he had contented himself with being the black sheep of the family. He had a younger sister, much younger in fact, that had no intention of ever marrying either, so the two of them got along splendidly during family functions. As old as he was getting, and as highly esteemed as he was in the Army, the nature of his personal life became a source of societal speculation. He rather enjoyed this. The rumors swirling about his private life were far more interesting than anything he would ever dream of doing, and it provided him with an air of mystery that resulted in him being invited to every party held in the capital. Everyone wanted to know what made him tick.

Really, it was just his cat and a fine wine. Napping is perfectly acceptable as a life goal, and he could do that just fine all by himself. Well, and his cat.