Holidays & Orcs

As with most societies, holidays are terribly important to Slothjemians. These are special times for the people, when the nobility must not require their tenants to labor, and only a handful of professions continue their work. Soldiers still war and conduct patrols, and the constabulary still keep the peace, but most everyone else is occupied in anything not work related.

Once a week, during the Sabbath, ordinary business grinds to a halt to allow folks to attend church. The church is instrumental in every community to guarantee that holidays are observed, but how they are observed varies wildly. For instance, holidays devoted to hunting might look very different for those in the fens and those in the alpine highlands, because the prey in those areas are so different. Other festivals, such as the nearly two-week long Festival of the Snow Deamons, might look exactly the same wherever you are in the realm. It is the variety of holidays that adds spice to life for Slothjemians.

With at least one prolonged holiday every month, be it a festival, carnival, feast or just three days to do nothing whatsoever, Slothjemia has borrowed from neighboring cultures for these activities in the same manner as every other aspect of Slothjemian life. The mix of religions, foods, music and overall thematic qualities can be confusing, but the abundance of foods and frivolities compansates for the lack of any logical cohesion.

One thing conspicuously absent from Slothjemian holidays and festivals are martial tournaments. Jousts, mock melees, and the like have never been fashionable in the kingdom, because the role of the knight is so very different in Slothjemia as opposed to places like Geldenreich and Fanolania. Because anyone can attain high military rank, or possess superior combative skills, trying to find a “champion” among the assemblage is going to prove difficult and time-consuming. There might be contests, certainly, but they are not at all what one would expect in societies north of the empire.