Like most places, Slothjemia loves a circus. Travelling bands of entertainers featuring wild animals, acrobats, clowns, and curiosities have always been popular. But something about Slothjemia seems to make for the greatest shows to ever travel from one town to another.

The most magnificent of these is the Deadling Brothers, Bedlam and Breakage Circus, a fantastic event with a huge “big top” tent, and more acts to capture the wild imaginations of spectators far and wide. Owned and operated by five people that are each a caricature of circus life all by themselves, the infamous Deadling Brothers, Bedlam and Breakage Circus not only entertains wherever it goes, but it also serves a much more useful purpose for Slothjemia. Whenever the troupe hits the road, it serves as an invaluable mechanism for subterfuge and espionage. Going to great lengths to keep such activities from ever being connected to the circus itself is a challenge, but the talents of everyone who participates in the self-described “Grisliest Show on Earth” have thus far succeeded in keeping the nomadic troubadours and their ilk from ever being discovered.

One of the central pieces of the Deadling Brothers, Bedlam and Breakage Circus is the massive, haunted calliope that performs for all performances. Inhabited by the spirits of two merry minstrels and an unruly pipe organist, the calliope is a huge draw for the crowds. Oftentimes the device will seem to be at war with itself, as banging drums, blaring horns, and the wheezing pipes compete to see which can finish the song the loudest, and the quickest. The cacophony can be ear-splitting, and yet it always draws wild applause, especially from goblinoid audiences.

When not on tour, the Deadling Brothers, Bedlam and Breakage Circus winters in the small town of Tinystadt in the northeast corner of the Coreland. People that want to join the circus will often travel there in hopes of signing on, but they must be supremely talented to even get an audience with the management. One does not simply stroll in and make oneself at home. Far more likely is that the circus will hear of a talented person, and then go and seek them out. For sheer publicity and a chance to travel, very rarely is the circus turned down. And on at least two occasions, those refusals were not well met. At least one such artiste was broken into several parts, and then artistically reassembled into a curio for display in the “freaks and wonders” portion of the show. Show business can be rough.