As Thieves in the Night

In any adventure participants will have to identify the strengths that are needed in order to overwhelm whatever obstacles might be encountered. This was something that the Fellowship of Fiends did exceedingly well. Taking stock of their own abilities and assessing whatever it is that they are up against has become something of a well-worn … Continue reading As Thieves in the Night

Assembling the Team

Nobody could say for certain who had originated the scheme, but it was brilliant enough that each of them did what they could to claim some portion of the credit. One of the more aggressive of the fellowship was the clean-shaven drider known as Baron Chaverin. The baron was also an accomplished cleric, and it … Continue reading Assembling the Team

A Royal Birthday

Princess Queliendy was awake well before she should have been. This was no ordinary day, though, because this was for Queliendy the greatest of all days. It was her birthday. And every year Queliendy was given the greatest gift a little girl could ask for: an entire day spent with her grandmother Reichsha, the Queen … Continue reading A Royal Birthday