Book Group Discussions forming now!

We are pleased to announce our first official discussion group for “An Orc for All Seasons”, meeting this Saturday afternoon in the home of Mrs. Beatrice Van Der Ploomp of Enid, Oklahoma. Words alone cannot convey our excitement at being asked to speak to her friends and members of her neighborhood “Red Hat” society about the political impact in American society of Slothjemia’s ongoing rift between tribal and noble franchises as mentioned ever so fleetingly in our book, and what the economic, spiritual, and emotional toll it might take on the classic suburban dream.

Spoiler: It doesn’t effect it at all. Not even slightly. Sorry, Bea. Still hope we are on for Saturday, I’ve heard delightful things about your coffee cake.

3 thoughts on “Book Group Discussions forming now!

  1. Bea says we are still a go. Anyone in the greater Enid area is welcome to call before dropping in. She only has five folding chairs and the one card table, because her “worthless brother-in-law” was fool enough to run the power saw right across her good one that she had won at the church charity bazaar. Also, bring eggs. She didn’t specify why.


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