Twitch & Co.

That closes out the only book about Twitch that has yet been completed. As always, we are interested in what you, the intrepid reader, thinks about the material presented here. Did you enjoy the tale? What would you have liked to see more of? How about less of? Less of everything, you say? Smart aleck. I’ll have you know that Twitch is a beloved NPC (non-player character) that continually pops up in adventures. The first time he showed up was in a game that also happened to be my daughter’s first attempt at playing Dungeons & Dragons. For a number of reasons, that campaign fizzled out, but Twitch made an impression on her. You might recognize mention of my daughter, and her description of Twitch, from the book “An Orc for All Seasons.” Perhaps the most enjoyable part of creative writing is the inclusion of your loved ones in ways that are both outright and obvious, but also subtle and sneaky. In this case, it was pretty obvious. But nobody caught it. Do you know why? Yup. Nobody that knows me real well reads this blog. I mainly attract people surfing the web in foreign countries, and boy howdy, would I LOVE to know what search terms they are using.

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