Every Villain has a Backstory

I have settled on a topic for my next widely-ignored book. I will be taking one of the villains from my most recent campaign and dive a little deeper into both their history and their motivations going forward. With any luck at all I might even be able to finish the book before the players in the game get to killing the poor sap. Either way it ought to be a hoot. I haven’t done a lot of exploring of villains from a literary standpoint and rarely are my foils appreciated during the games in which they feature heavily. This gives me a chance to get into an exploration of this particular nemesis with a level of detail never afforded me during a game.

The bonus to this is that this character isn’t tied to any of the otherwise inter-linked stories already presented here. That is to say that Baron von Vorkel and his family haven’t any interaction in this fellow’s activities. This ought to satisfy those that are quite up to here with everyone’s favorite family of orcs as well as expanding the knowledge of this gaming world and some of the powerful enemies it contains. I hope you enjoy this book when it is finished. I can’t articulate how much I am looking forward to getting started.