First it was the commas, now it is hyperlinks… Crikey

In our continuing effort to improve the quality of this site and make it more user friendly for the millions of people that haven’t found it yet, visitors will find a new link on the main menu for “Nerd Fiction.” Here will be an ongoing list of the short stories and novels published herein. Readers will also be delighted to discover that all of these writing now include convenient links at the end of each chapter to help quicken the reading experience. I know that it can be frustrating to have to dig around in a blog for the next chapter in a tale you are deeply fascinated with and so we did the digging for you. Using the power of “hyperlinks” it is now possible to fall asleep with this blog faster than ever. Watch for more developments as we continue to hyperlink the ever loving hell out of every damned entry just because it is deeply satisfying to do so. Y’all just better be thankful we haven’t figured out to link music to all of this.