Slothjemian Patriotism

In an age of loyalty to one’s lord or king Slothjemia breaks the mold somewhat. Slothjemia is one of the few places in the world wherein the citizens are fiercely proud of the mere concept of their country. Whoever the ruler of the land happens to be doesn’t much change the mood of the people in their view of how things operate or the importance of them working at all. Part of this is due to the mixed nature of Slothjemia’s population and the fact that close friends and neighbors share no common culture save that which they build among themselves. The majority of Slothjemian pride can be traced to a simple fact of origin, though. All Slothjemians were at some point chased out of someplace else and found refuge here. This shared background gives all of them a measure of common ground and defending their country and beliefs has always been of paramount importance.

The result of this patriotic passion doesn’t just mean that Slothjemians are more inclined to defend their nation and way of life. It also means that they are less inclined to take seriously any foreign attempts to sway their allegiances even when they happen to be living abroad. There have been numerous instances of travelling Slothjemian knights and adventurers who have caught wind of trouble at home and in an instant they are on their way to defend the homeland. Similarly they might give all indications of being loyal to a foreign state or lord but in reality they will never cease to be Slothjemians. Should they be forced to choose a side in a conflict they will always choose Slothjemia. Always. Even if a Slothjemian finds themselves in exile for whatever reason the choice will lean towards Slothjemia.

There should be among all foreigners a realization that Slothjemians are exactly that no matter what they might wish to persuade you of otherwise; Slothjemian. As long as your cause doesn’t conflict with their uniquely Slothjemian way of doing things and their view of the world then you will have a staunch ally for life. Should you cross them it becomes a more personal matter. But if you cross Slothjemia you have made an enemy and you might not even know it until it is too late.