Finally, What the World has been Demanding!

I know everyone out there has been hankering for a book all about the Viceroy. I can’t go anyplace without hearing it. The folks over at the morning gathering at the Whataburger, the people I deliver furniture to, the local morning news program hosts and the hobo that lives under the bridge over here on Carter Creek all wrestle with the same question. “When will the Viceroy get his own book?”

Sooner than you’d like, oh illustrious readers! In fact I finished reviewing my latest book just a few minutes ago. It is cleverly called “The Gopher King” and will begin posting here upon the completion of “Slinker, Slayer, Kobold, Squire.” It is my first attempt to narrate a tale from the perspective of a villain so don’t get too excited that goodness and happiness will rule the day. With any luck at all though you will develop an appreciation for just how ridiculously powerful a lich can be.

There ya go. Just what the world has been searching for. Lichy goodness, made just the way gramma used to do it, smothered in evil and with a heaping portion of “Dear God I think he’s going to eat the baby” thrown in for good measure. Are you ready for the Viceroy? I bet you aren’t nearly as ready as you’d like to be.